So – Why should artists use Facebook Ads to market their art? It’s very simple really. Using your Facebook Business Page on its own just won’t work.

The way Facebook prioritizes what gets seen has changed some time ago. The focus here is about creating ‘meaningful conversations’, which tends to happen in Groups or on your Profile. Business pages are simple not being shown. So that lovely content you are posting won’t be seen by your Fans… Unless you pay for that to happen.

But this is where most Artists jump ship.

There is the misconception that Facebook Ads will ‘A’ cost a lot of money. Or ‘B’ (worse) that Facebook Ads just ‘don’t work’.

I’ve heard a few people say: “I tried Facebook Ads, spent $30 dollars and got nothing”. Is that you too? Now, this is why I wrote this blog for you.

The first reason Facebook Ads won’t ‘work’ for you is if you have been tempted by the ‘Boost’ button. Unfortunately, this appears like a quick win, but in fact is missing all the most important factors. This is like popping to the corner store for milk; you’ll get what you wanted, but you’ll pay more and have less choice.

Whereas if you took a bit longer, did some research, and travelled further, you could get say organic milk at half the price.

The second reason Facebook Ads won’t ‘work’ for you is that you’re not taking the time and education to set up multiple ads and test over a longer period of time. You can’t just set up one ad, you will need lots! How will you ever work out what’s working and what isn’t?

For example: Maybe if you change the Headline Text in one Ad it’ll make all the difference…

Why Should Artists Use Facebook Ads To Market Their Art | Art Marketing

Ok, let’s walk through the Facebook Ads Big Picture, so you can get excited, and get started!

Here is a simple walk through of the new Facebook Ads Manger and how to get started. There is help all along the way, so take some time to read through everything first (before you go about setting up any Ads).

The MOST important thing is: To be very clear on your objective – what is it you want to achieve exactly.

  • Do you want to drive people to your Website, so they can get your Freebie, and join your list?
  • Do you want to send people to a blog article or new gallery page you’ve set up?
  • Or do you want to make sales, by sending them to your Shop?

Secondly, take time to think about your ICA (Ideal Customer Avatar) and create the perfect Audiences (more on this later). Don’t just ‘settle’ as you will waste un-necessary money.

Step One: Find Your Facebook Ads Manager:

Step Two: Choose Which Way To Create.

Tip: Always choose the way where YOU have the most control.

  • Guided creation: Perfect for your first ads.
  • Or Quick Creation: Great to make more once you have some in place.
  • You will see there are plenty of Information icons, just in case you are not sure what to check.

Step Three: The Basics: Campaign = Ad Set = Ad.

This is a bit like creating a Folder, sub-Folder and a File. So, your Campaign is the big objective, the Ad-set sits within that, and your Ad within the Ad-set. Confused yet?

Here’s my simple sum up:

  • Campaign: Is where you choose your objective.
  • Ad Set: Is where you choose your audience, placements, budget and schedule.
  • Ad: Is where you choose your format, media and get creative and put your ad.

Now we’ve gone over the basics, let’s go ahead and get into some action:

Step Four: Set Up Your Campaign.

Let’s break it all down a bit.

  • Choose from a section: Awareness/Consideration/Conversion. (‘Traffic’ or ‘Lead Conversion’ is likely going to be your choice at first).
  • There are a few options, which are all explained.
  • Scroll down to see your selection and click on.

Step Five: Set Up Your Ad Sets.

  • Depending on which type of Campaign you have chosen, there maybe some extra things to walk through first.
  • Next you need to build your *Audience.
  • There are various types of Audiences. The first time you will need to create one, but after that you can select from your saved Audiences.
  • Build out or take the relevant action to create your required Audience.
  • You will see you can target exactly the people you want, in the local and with the interests for you.
  • If you have a lot of Facebook Page Fans, this is the best and cheapest way to market.

For example: You could create one Audience that is 20 kilometres from you, men only, with an interest in metal sculptures. If that’s what you are selling then this would be an easy win. Inspired?

*As your Audience is extremely important, I will be doing a further blog on this.

Top Tip: You can actually create (or upload once you have a Mailing List) your Audiences before you start doing your Ads.

  • Next, choose your placement. I suggest the main Feed, Mobile and Right Side.
  • Set your Budget and selection the schedule type from the options. Start with $5 a day, as you can always increase later.
  • You will need to create multiple Ad Sets with different Audiences. The rule is: One Audience per Ad-Set, otherwise you can’t know what is working here either.

Top Tip: Allow yourself a day to set all this up for the very first time, as it can seem daunting. Like driving a car, once you know how it all works, you’ll set up your Facebook Ads in no time.

I would recommend setting up at least 5 – 10 different Audiences to start.

Step Six: Set Up Your Ads.

OK, so this is the part you probably thought was all there was to it, right? Just creating the Ads? Keep breathing…and smiling.

So, you will need a few things first:

  • Your Ad image: currently, 1200 pixels x 628 pixels. (You can easily do this on ).
  • Your Ad Text; the wording that will appear above the image.
  • Your Ad Headline; this will be seen larger under the image and needs to grab attention.
  • Your Facebook Pixel (don’t worry about this just yet – I’ll cover it in another blog).

Now go ahead and create your first Ad:

  • Make sure you have the correct Page chosen, if you have more than one Facebook Page.
  • Choose image you just created (or video).
  • Follow the sizing image rules laid out, and ideally avoid any text, as Facebook only allows for 20% text, but you will pay more anyway.
  • Copy in your Ad Text.
  • Copy in your Headline.
  • Copy in the extra words that appear in the Feed Only.
  • Select your Call To Action Button. I recommend ‘Learn More’.
  • Select your Facebook Pixel if you are sending people OFF Facebook (you want to track these).
  • Hit ‘CONFIRM’ to be assessed and approved.

Now you can have that large glass of wine.

Then of course you’ll need to rinse and repeat till you have your 5 – 10 Ad-sets and Ads.

Once you’ve been approved, wait patiently and leave your Ads alone for at least 48 hours. Yes, they may well spike at the beginning, but like all good things, they will find their rhythm and settle down. Only then can you decide what is working and what isn’t. You can pause or turn off any nob-working Ads.

TOP TIP: Remember to allocate a day just to set up your first set of Facebook Ads, and work through each step carefully. The longer you spend here, the best quality results you will get.