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Build Your Dream Art Business

Perhaps you might be thinking that the phrase ‘build your dream art business’ is a million miles from where you are right now. And it’s only for ‘some people’ who can have that. I have a belief that anyone can achieve anything if they put their mind to it and take constant action. In this

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5 Simple Steps To Setting Effective Goals For 2020

With New Years behind us and the year in full swing, if you haven’t had the chance to start setting effective goals for 2020, don’t panic – Now is a great time to start!   Are you on route to building your Dream Art Business, yet perhaps, you are unsure of the type of goals that

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Artists: 3 Steps To Make 2020 Your Best Year Yet

Have you ever got to the end of one year and said: ‘Next year is going to be THE year’, it’s going to be your best year yet? Then in 12 months’ time said the very same thing over again? Or was that just me? That’s what happened to me back before I took control of

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How To Get Started On Social Media As An Artist

So how do you get started on Social Media as an artist without it taking over your life completely? What Social Media accounts should you have and what could be avoided? How will you manage these going forwards? If you are anything like me, you’d rather be creating or making and not spending hours of the

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7 mistakes artists make

The Top 7 Mistakes Artists Make When Going Professional

In this blog I will share The Top 7 Mistakes Artists Make when going professional or starting up an Art Business and trying to build your Dream Art Business. So, how DO you make money from your art? That question is one of the most commonly asked questions of course. When I started out as

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Passionate about creating a holistic life ‘on purpose’. Choosing when and where to work, create and play; and being free to build an art business without conforming to others’ beliefs or expectations.
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