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Start & Grow Your Artist’s Email List In 2023

Whether you’re a regular here or not, I’m sure that you are very aware that as an art business, central to your success will be setting up and growing your very own Artist’s Email List!

Without which, you are constantly stuck trying to market to a cold audience, over and over again; which can be frustrating, painful, and quite honestly soul destroying.

So, in this blog, I’m going to share 6 Steps to getting new subscribers who will just LOVE being on your artist’s mailing list.

I’ll also share a HUGE mistake that so many artists make and of course what to do instead so that you can avoid it.


Here’s how to start and grow your artist’s email list in 2023:


1. Get clear on your list size goal.


For me, any good strategy needs to start with a clear goal, so…

  • What’s your Mailing List goal for the next 6 or 12 months?
  • Is it 50 or 100 new subscribers a month?
  • Or perhaps it’s 1,000 or 5,000+ in the next year?


2. Get your mailing list set up right.


So often the tech side of things can get in the way.

Ideally, take a day and just complete your mailing list setup. This will involve choosing your email marketing provider, setting up the account, with all the settings, and creating your opt-in form and landing page.
Then place this where your audience can easily opt-in.

If you’re struggling with this, then I have the perfect Free Resource for you:

My FREE 10 Day Mailing List Challenge – Join now and have your mailing list set up and ready to collect new subscribers.


3. Provide value to your audience.


Here’s where you need to think about what’s going to be appealing to your future subscriber…

  • Avoid things like: ‘Join my email list’ or ‘get my E-Newsletter here’.

People are sparing with their email addresses, so give them a great reason to join up.

  • Choose a funky or meaningful name, for example, Sophie’s VIP Studio News etc. I’m sure you can come up with something better!
  • Offer a one-off coupon code to ‘get a free print’, ‘free product’ or an ‘instant digital download’.
  • Or offer a Free PDF: 5 tips for choosing the best watercolour paints. 


4. Commit to an emailing routine.


After all that effort to set up your mailing list, you want to start sending emails straight away, no matter how small your starting list is.

  • Decide and commit on which day of the week you’ll send your email.
  • Set up a template in your email marketing provider (we recommend MailChimp as easy to get started with).
  • Keep your emails value-driven and short.

Check out my video on YouTube: Email Marketing Basics For Artists


5. Choose your promo strategy.


Here’s that big mistake I mentioned at the beginning:

Setting this all up and then
doing nothing! It happens!
(All the time in fact).

You’ve put in the hard work, so now you want to attract people onto this list, and regularly. From here, you can’t sit back and hope for new subscribers…You need to actively be marketing for them.

Here’s some marketing strategies that work well:

  • Ads
  • P.R.
  • Blogs
  • Podcast
  • Competitions
  • YouTube videos
  • Events
  • Pinterest

Choose a couple and aim to be actively promoting your ‘reason to join’ your artist’s email list regularly.


6. Take consistent action.


You must be promoting your mailing list every week, so make a plan to do this consistently.

Example: Each week I publish this blog and a video on YouTube.

I offer relevant free resources that will help you, and by doing so you can join my email list – it’s simple and it works.

I don’t mention them each week, only when it’s relevant.

That’s my core routine, what will yours be?


So there you have it: Start & Grow Your Artist’s Email List In 2023


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