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Social Media For Artists: 100 Great Tips To Get You Started

Love it or hate it, this topic Social Media For Artists is a big one. And you might well be thinking that 100 Tips is a bit overwhelming. But get excited as you read down this blog, where we’ve put everything into sections to make it easier to follow and find what you are looking for.

When I started my own Art Career back in the day, of course there was no such thing as Social Media, let alone any information for Social Media For Artists specifically. Now I’m thrilled at all the possibility and flexibility there is out there.

Should you choose to use this as part of your Brand Awareness and/or Art Marketing Strategy for building your Art Business, then I’m hoping this will help you to get started.

Do you find it all a bit daunting and, therefore, avoid it all-together?

Perhaps you’ve got a few accounts set up, but not sure what to focus on?

These 100 Great Tips are aimed for YOU.


What are the Benefits of using Social Media For Artists?


Not only does it provide a wide range of opportunities for FREE marketing for starters, but it is an excellent way for you to engage and interact with your customers – no matter their location. 


Here are the key benefits: 

  • You can regularly showcase your artwork.
  • Let your audience in ‘behind the scenes’ of where you create.
  • Let your audience get to know you and build that ‘know-like-and-trust factor.
  • Promote upcoming exhibitions or shows.
  • Answer any questions potential customers might have about your work or workshops.
  • Grow a large following of interested people, who may become fans and even customers.
  • Grow your Artist’s Mailing List.


These are all great reasons for you and your art business to get started on Social Media. 



Let’s quickly talk about why some of these aren’t really Social Media at all…

Of course we are all familiar with Facebook and Instagram as perfect platforms to start out on. Even Twitter and LinkedIn will be useful if you specifically work more with businesses or the corporate world.

However, Pinterest and YouTube, whilst being on this list are not actually Social Media, as both of these are in fact known and used as ‘Search Engines’. We have included them, as they are both wonderful places for Artist’s to be active. 

(Check out the other Blogs on these topics individually to find out more.)

OK so let’s dive into the tips…


Here Are My 100 Great Tips To Get Started On Social Media For Artists:

Social Media For Artists – Good Rules of Thumb: 

  1. Choose 2-3 Platforms to start with (Eg. Facebook, Instagram & Pinterest).
  2. Create a spreadsheet to keep a record or your follower growth.
  3. Have the same clean or professional headshot on each profile or account.
  4. Fill out all of the information you can on every profile.
  5. Make sure all your accounts are branded and look the same.
  6. Remember you are building your customer list, so include a clear Call To Action.
  7. Stay updated with all Social Media as it changes all the time.
  8. Create a Social Media Posting Plan before you do anything.
  9. Plan at least a week in advance what content you will be posting.
  10. Always post high-value content that your audience will love.
  11. Create images that suit the platform it’s destined for, each have optimal sizes.
  12. Look to outsource some of the work in the future to manage your platforms.
  13. Stay sane by rotating your tasks every day.
  14. Allocate time per day for your tasks and set a timer! 
  15. Write out a Social Media Strategy to inform your plan and your posts.
  16. You can post the same post across platforms, just resize and post independently.
  17. Be witty or controversial (if it suits your brand, these posts often go viral).
  18. Use a link shortener like bit.ly.com where you can also track your clicks.
  19. Use free stock photo sites like Unsplash for promotional or quote images.
  20. Ask questions of your fans/followers, ask their favourites, recommendations etc.
  21. Use your smartphone to take your own photos – you don’t need a Canon!
  22. Add your logo or website to images for increased brand visibility.
  23. Spend 80% of your time engaging with people, it’s all about building trust and connection.
  24. Promote your latest Blog or Video content on all your platforms.



25. Fill in EVERY section on your Facebook Business Page (especially ‘About’).

26. Use your Timeline image to help people join your Mailing List.

27. Use Canva or PicMonkey to create images for your promotional posts.

28. Post to your Facebook Profile at least once a day.

29. Find new Facebook Friends daily and invite them to like your Page.

30. Find appropriate Facebook groups and get involved.

31. Consider running your own ‘niche’ Facebook Group.

32. Use the Facebook Event app to promote any exhibitions/workshops you have.

33. Schedule your Facebook Page posts for when your audience is most engaged.

34. Post Video and Image content the most – Engaging visual content.

35. Try to do Live videos – Facebook will prioritise them overall content.

36. Aim not to include external links on posts (Facebook favours internal).

37. Upload videos straight to Facebook rather than linking to a video.

38. Remember to post natural content as well as more business-like.

39. Only use #Hashtags on Facebook for a topic to help customers find you.

40. Remove links from your blog post copy.

41. Use Audience Insights to help find out more about your audience.

42. Consider Facebook Ads for later use to promote specific products or services.

43. Learn how to use Facebook Ads fully before doing so.

44. Don’t ‘boost’ a post unless you have money to throw away…


45. Sign up to Instagram with an account in your own name.

46. Choose the @username as either the same or with ‘Art’ etc. in the title.

47. Switch to a Business Account rather than personal.

48. Make sure to use the same professional head-shot in your profile.

49. Use the same Bio and similar #hash-tags as on other accounts.

50. Use ‘emojis’ (emotion images) to your Bio to add in emphasis.

51. Have at least 3 images ready to post straight away when you set up the account.

52. Plan out how your main feed will look to create a branded feel.

53. Try having a series of themes you use regularly.

54. Think Quality over Quantity every time you post.

55. Post a mixture of images, multiple images, videos and live video.

56. Create your Instagram images in batches and save to Dropbox.

57. Do #hash-tag research to see what ones you can use to get more followers.

58. Use Stories to let your audience see the real and raw you and your art.

59. Use captions, hash-tags, location and other emojis’ to add some fun to your Stories.

60. Add your best Stories to your high-lights section.

61. Use the ‘Explore’ tab to find people to follow in your niche on Instagram

62. Find at least 5 or 10 posts you like and ‘double-tap’ them to ‘like’ each day.

63. Add comments on other posts to help get you seen by a wider audience.

64. Aim to follow 10 new people per day.

65. Build connections by using the private messaging option.

66. Consider using IGTV to build a video channel.


67. Use a similar Bio on your Twitter account as elsewhere.

68. Create a great branded timeline image, with a call-2-action.

69. Aim to post around 5-10 high-quality tweets a day.

70. Include 2/3 #hash-tags in each tweet.

71. Put your #hash-tags at the end of your tweet for optimal response.

72. Create Twitter Lists to organise your followers.

73. Use ‘trending’ #hash-tags from your home feed.

74. Join Twitter Chats and join in the conversations.

75. Try Buffer to schedule out your Tweets ahead of time.

76. Or try Hootsuite to schedule posts, view @mentions, lists, #hash-tags etc.

77. Post images as they now get more engagement.

78. Find at least 20 new people to follow every day.

79. Do a monthly clean out and unfollow those that didn’t connect with you.

80. Use @mentioning other accounts to build connections.



81. Create a Business Pinterest account (not personal) to access free analytics

82. Use your keywords in your Pinterest Board Titles

83. Remember that Pinterest is used as a search engine similar to Youtube 

84. Give each Pinterest Board an interesting and informative description

85. Create your own Pinterest Pins as well as re-pinning other peoples’ content

86. Create compelling hooks on your own pins ie: 10 Top Tips for…

87. Try to have a mix between brand consistent boards and personality

88. Create an Infographic from your very best content

89. Post videos from YouTube over on Pinterest

90. Give each Pin you create a keyword-optimised description

91. Add 1-3 #hash-tags to each Pinterest Pin you create and post

92. Add the Pin-it Button to your website, so viewers can pin your content

93. Use Tailwind to schedule your Pins

94. Pin and re-pin consistently daily or weekly



95. Set up a YouTube channel via your Google account.

96. Create (or have someone create) a branded YouTube channel image.

97. Record a Channel Trailer video and set to auto-play for new visitors.

98. Make sure you add a keyword-rich title and description to each video you upload.

99. Create a few templates for video covers to show your brand.

100. Make sure your videos are well-lit and have clear sound.




LinkedIn Top 5 Tips:

  1. Take the time to fully fill out all of your profile, including images.
  2. Create a gorgeous timeline backdrop image.
  3. Share blogs and videos regularly, as well as plain text up-dates.
  4. Connect with people via the LinkedIn Mail system and build great relationships.
  5. Build engagement by commenting on others’ posts and do so in a meaningful way.


I hope that’s got you a bit fired up? 

Check this out to get started on our Social Media For Artists blog.

Just pick one platform and see how many of these tips you can accomplish. If you are a complete social media ‘newbie’ and would like to learn how to use Social Media to build your online presence, then keep your eye out for some new online training coming your way… 

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Happy Social Media posting!

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