Having decided to adopt the Raw Vegan Lifestyle 100%, your very first challenge can be when you hit the road. For me this is the ultimate test, do you jack it all in and say “Oh well I can get back to it when I’m home…” Or do you go all the way, follow my Raw Vegan Shopping List For Travellers and stay healthy?

In a previous article I talk about how to Eat Clean As A Digital Nomad. Here I want to give you the shopping list that I have used in numerous places around the world. For me staying committed to my beliefs is the most important thing. I would rather miss meals, drink lots of water (which is no bad thing either by the way), than compromise my body.

It’s actually much easier than you think, so enjoy using my raw vegan-shopping list for travellers. Then add or replace items you prefer as you go along.

Raw Vegan Shopping List For Travellers | Sophie Mahir

Here Is My Raw Vegan Shopping List For Travellers:

There is a bit of a split here if you are 100% Raw, in which case you’ll need to purchase just the fruit and vegetables. Then take some Superfood powders, supplements and plenty of nuts etc. Otherwise I’ll assume you do may do the Raw Vegan mix. I usually aim for 75% raw on a day-to-day basis, but everyone is different.

By having a Vegan meal this means I can more easily eat out and socialise with friends.

The Basics For Vegan Cooking:

• Coconut oil – It’s easy to decant some into a small glass jar.
• Olive oil – you can usually buy this in a tiny bottle from any supermarket, or again take your own in a small bottle.
• Himalayan salt (& black pepper) – Either buy yourself a small ready grinder with the pink Himalayan salt in it, or decant some ready ground at home into a zip-lock bag. Do the same with the pepper if you like this.
• Dried mixed herbs – Very easy to have a small bag of these.
• Turmeric – Again you can take a small bag, or look in a local Asian style vegetable market, or market-stall and get this and any other spices very cheaply.
• Quinoa – I love the red quinoa. This is so great with a salad and easily made up and taken out with you as a packed lunch.

The Basic Vegetable List:

• Spinach – Either in a bag of leaves, or by the bunch. How much you get may depend on what country you are in, as it will need to live away from the heat in a fridge.
• Kale – An essential for salads, soups and of course in your green juice or smoothie.
• Cucumber – Also a go-to food, and great to snack on too.
• Rocket/salad leaf mix – Again you’ll need a fridge to keep this alive, but wonderful to make up a Green Salad with lots of different textures, tastes and goodness.
• Carrots – Another all-rounder, great in salads, as a snack, and in juices.
• Beetroot – I absolutely love beetroot, not just for it wonderful colours, but for the taste when grated into a salad, or added into your juice.
• Broccoli – Great as a dipping vegetable or chopped up in a salad.
• Zucchini – Wonderful as ’spaghetti’ if you take a small Spiralizer with you, or grated into a salad.
• Capsicum – I prefer the red, yellow or Lebanese light green ones…Juicy in a salad, or eaten as a snack.

The Basic Fruit List:

Now if you are avoiding extra sugar, then you won’t be indulging in most of this list.

• Avocadoes – My absolute ‘go-to’ food when I’m out and about. Need a snack? Then pop into a super-market (or fresh market stand) and grab one to eat then and there. This will keep you full for hours.
• Lemon & lime – So essential to squeeze over your salad, avocado, or add to slightly alkalize your water on the go.
• Tomatoes – I am quite fussy about my tomatoes, but assuming you can get great tasting fresh, multi-coloured, then I’m in.
• Bananas – Really easy to eat ‘on the go’. In fact I know a friend who turned up for a long-distance flight with a large bag of then, and proceeded to amuse her neighbours by eating 6/7 at a time.
• Apples – I sometimes add these to a juice (assuming you have access to a juicer), or again a quick sugar snack.
• Coconut – So I am lucky to mostly be living where these are easily accessed, so get them green and young for the best experience.
• Any local in season fresh fruit – I am a bit of a fruit lover I’m afraid, so could happily live on mangos, dragon-fruit, paw-paw, persimmon and many others.

The Raw Food Essentials:

• Super greens powder – If you can’t access a juicer and are going to be able to keep this in the fridge then I recommend just adding a tablespoon to a water bottle each morning. Otherwise take the tablets.
• Superfood/protein mixed powder – As above really. These two kept me in really great shape across Australia, Asia and the UK over the last couple of years.
• Almonds – OMG again I could live on then, so always have that bag of nuts and seeds to nibble on.
• Mixed seeds – Again you can make this up from home, or buy when you are out and about. Even most airports with have a bag of mixed nuts and seeds if you are in a fix.
• Chia seeds – These are such a great Superfood to have with you. Take a bag or small jar and add to any juices or breakfasts you might have. You can soak them overnight in a ‘nut milk’ (available from a lot of stores as you won’t be able to make your own on the go) for Chia Porridge.
• Dates – These are my sugar fix for sure. Make sure you get high quality only and eat as a special treat.
• Stevia – This really is the very best alternative sweetener I’ve found, so having a small packet with you is easy.
• Raw Cacao nibs – OK so I just can’t live without my fix of these wherever I am…Add to anything, so snack with your nuts and seeds.

The Raw Food Luxuries:

• Raw Cacao bars – Yes I’m a sucker for my chocolate, so whenever I see an organic raw cacao bar I have to have it…☺
• Raw Energy bars or balls – These are super great for trains or flights, as they pack down really neat in your bag.

Read My Recipe: Raw Chocolate Balls: Vegan Recipe For Healthy Living.

So within my raw vegan Shopping List for travellers you have a lot of choice. This mostly depends on whether you are 100% Raw, Raw Vegan, and what facilities you have in what country, and how long you stay. In almost any accommodation you can do some food preparation, then take your meals and snacks out with you. If you have room take a small blender, Spiralizer and/or peeler.