Is Periscope for artists, or just for people wanting to show off what, where and with whom they are right now? Can you really use it to market your art business? I’m sure like me, if you’ve ventured onto Periscope, you’ve seen a lot of broadcasts of “here I am in Venice”, “here we are eating dinner” etc. This is NOT however what you want to waste your time doing. There are 8 great ways you can benefit from Periscope.

Every day we have these very precious 24 hours, and every day we have a choice of how to use them. Sometimes we make some great decisions and become highly productive, and other times we allow time to slip away on nothing important.

Have you ever done that? Well if you’re not careful, using Periscope could end up being the latter.

Here Are Some Periscope Basics:

  • Periscope is a smart phone app, bought by Twitter in 2015.
  • You sign up via the app, which will want to connect to your Twitter account. You can change your name once you’ve done that.
  • You ‘broadcast’ a live video stream direct from your phone, which can be watched live, or for up to 24 hours afterwards.
  • People attending can give you ‘love’ by tapping their phone and sending ‘hearts’.
  • Attendees can also chat with you live in the comments section and this can end up being highly interactive.
  • You can build your customer list by asking your attendees to go to your website and sign up there.
  • You can re-purpose your content if you play your broadcast also via your computer, record this with Screenflow or Camtasia (screen recording software), then send out in the normal way via Social Media and your mailing list. (This is more advanced).
  • You can also market your up-coming broadcasts via Twitter, as it is linked.

Here Are My 8 Ways To Market Yourself On Periscope For Artists:

One: Do A Live Q&A From Your Studio.

How powerful would that be if you could invite your followers to ‘join you in your studio’, where they could post any questions they like. And without having to go anywhere, have any expensive equipment, or pre-write any scripts, you could create your own ‘show’.

Consider setting up a weekly spot where people can check in live with you.

Two: Demonstrate Your Working Methods.

Set up a live stream demonstrating your working methods; you can talk your audience through what and how you work. Even do a tour round of the materials you use, or a ‘behind the scenes’ glimpse into your world.

People who buy art of any sort are often fascinated by the process involved, (I’m not suggesting you share any secrets here just show the areas you are most comfortable with).

Three: Teach What You Do.

This of course is obvious – if you already teach live, run workshops, or create online courses of any description – then Periscope will be a must for you.

In my former Art Career I also taught from my home studio. This would have been an incredible way of getting the word out to a much larger audience.

Teach some basics for free, and then offer a discount to join your course at the end.

Four: Interview Other Artists About What They Do.

Maybe you are a member of a local arts group, and could introduce the idea of Periscope for artists there. Invite people to be interviewed by you, and then set up your laptop to record the session.

When you have done a series of these, you can create a simple product for sale. Bingo you have some ‘passive income’ from your Art Business.

Start thinking outside the box and you can quickly come up with some great ideas.

Five: Get Someone To Interview You.

Ask someone you know to interview you. Prepare the questions you want to answer beforehand, have them join you, set up your phone to broadcast and then go for it. This can be so much fun, as you’ll have to be ready to improvise and be spontaneous. What a great way to capture your followers.

Six: 30-Day Live Blog Challenge.

Fancy doing something to build your followers fast? Then why not set yourself a 15/30/60 or 90-day Vlogging challenge!

Go live every day for the time period you set, and maybe chart the progress of your next project, artwork or preparation for an exhibition, Open Studio etc.

Just remember – the key here is that people love to follow a story. So what may seem mundane and boring to you, is fascinating to other people. Again they see a glimpse into your world…think ‘soap opera’s.

Each broadcast only needs to be a few minutes long.

Seven: Live Stream From Your Studio/House/Gallery Opening. 

Again this is great way to reach a global audience. Set up your phone in the corner of the main room, set to broadcast and have it running throughout your opening.

If you also have this recording on your laptop, later you could get creative and edit this into a promotional video about your art business. Post this on YouTube, and all your other Social Media channels.

Eight: Introduce Your Website/Etsy/Ebay/Artfinder Site.

Maybe you’ve just launched yourself on Etsy. Then tell your audience all about what you have in your store, show them (by holding up your laptop so they can see), and guide them around your page.

Sometimes people just need to be shown what you have available, and where they can go to look at it.

Well I hope this has inspired you to take a serious look at Periscope for Artists, as there are plenty of ways here you can market your business for free. Not to forget a great way to create new products as well. Have fun broadcasting!

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