I know what you could be thinking right now – how do I get my first blogging income? You’d love to set up a Blog and spend your time writing about a subject you love, and you’ve heard all about making money from blogging. But you’re just not really sure exactly how you could do this, right? Does it all sound rather technical?

Especially as most bloggers seem to be running ads on their site, and as a newbie you are A) a long way off being able to do this, and B) you might not fancy that strategy. Or C) have no idea how to go about this.

Now there are multiple other ways you can make money from your blog too, but they will mostly require you to have a lot of people coming to your site first. So might not be your best first blogging income.

So what’s my solution for your first blogging income?

I’m suggesting you think like a business owner, and at the same time as creating high quality content for your Blog, you create a clear Business Plan. In this you work out what you could teach others, based on your knowledge and experience. Let’s face it, as someone over 45; you will be able to teach lots of different subjects. And I’m not suggesting for one second either that you are going off to get teaching qualifications. All you need to do if show people how to do something you know about and they don’t. Simple.

I’m going to show you how you can easily package up a specific subject and show others how to do it.

Online Training Courses As Your First Blogging Income |Sophie Mahir

Here’s how to get started creating Online Training Courses As Your First Blogging Income: 

Step One: Do Some Digging:

Think about what you are good at, have experience in and also are passionate about. We will assume that if you have set up your Blog or Business, this is what you will be talking about. Create a list of possible first blogging income online course ideas.

Then you will want to do some digging around on the Internet, to see if there are people already looking for this subject matter. You can imagine what someone might type into Google, for instance, to find this out. Start typing and see if this comes up, as well as what ‘Google suggests’ (the drop-down of other phrases you can click on). Then look at the results. Does your phrase come up at all, if not you may want to try different things till you get some results.

See if there is a lot of competition for this phrase. Or whether anyone is already offering a similar course. I also love to use Pinterest search as well, as this can be very helpful when looking to see if your idea is being searched for or not. Your aim here is to be able to stand out with your own unique take on something.

This is the very basis of what we call ‘Keyword Research’. If you are familiar with using The Keyword Planner tool then this is where you can find out more about how many people are looking for your phrase. You are looking of course for something that people want the answer to already, but there aren’t any great solutions for.

Once you have chosen your subject matter, then you can move on to the next phase.

Step Two: Commit To Your Course:

This really sounds much more scary then it is actually, and was how I first learned about creating online training courses. Prior to my moment of ‘committing’, I really knew very little indeed. And I can tell you, when you have people who have put their trust in you by signing up for your course – you learn the technical side FAST.

I think this has been a big part of my success strategy all along. I just think: Well what’s the worst that could happen? Once you’ve worked out that the earth won’t crumble, then the rest is easy.

To commit to your course you must choose a launch date, the weeks it will run for, how you want your course to be structured (example: 5 short videos per module, or 1 longer one). And roughly how much you will be charging (clue: make it low priced to start with).

Step Three: Get Your Feet Wet

Now I imagine that you have some friends, and maybe you are also on Facebook? You need to ask everyone you know if they would be interested in this as a course. Or do they know anyone that might be?

If you are already self-employed, have a small business, then you ask your customers. You put the word out on your Social Media accounts. Of course in this case your training course is very likely to be a perfect match for their needs.

Supposing you are starting from scratch though. You can either set up a PayPal button for your course, and put a simple email together and send out. Or you can use Eventbrite and set it up on there. This is a great platform to use to get started with (and is super simple to use) which will take payment, send emails out and lots of other functions.

As you grow you can move on to other marketing and promotion solutions. (link to LeadPages).

Once you have sold your first 10 places, you can go ahead to the next step.

Step Four: Put Your Content Together:

This is where lots of people get stuck. I would suggest to start with, you want to make things very easy.

So you really have 3 solutions:

  1. Put together your content onto basic PowerPoint Slides and hold your course live as weekly Webinars using the GoToWebinar software platform.
  2. Do the same, but instead of PPT slides, record your screen as you teach from your computer by live demonstrating. In both cases you can record with GoToWebinar.
  3. Or use your IPhone, Camera, Video Camcorder and teach face-to-camera in shorter videos. You will then need to edit these and upload to your computer of course.

Make your content very simple and break it into Steps, with a beginning, middle and end. I would highly suggest buying other people’s online training courses, (or even mine), so you can see how others do things. And just to get a feel.

Step Five: Deliver To Your Audience:

These days I use Membership Site software, but it wasn’t always like this. I started out uploading my recorded Webinar Modules to YouTube. Making sure they were set to ‘Unlisted’ of course, so nobody else could see them. Then I sent out an email with a link to this, for anyone who has missed the live call.

Please don’t let the technical side of this put you off, you can start really simply and work your way up.

Remember this: Your customers are buying YOUR SOLUTION to their problem, not the vehicle you are delivering it on!

I am running a free LIVE Webinar called: ‘Make An Extra $5,000pm From Creating Online Courses Even If You Are A Total Beginner.’

So if you’d like to know more, you can register for these dates here:

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I hope this has inspired to you start thinking about what simple Digital Online Training Course you could be creating as your first blogging income.


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