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Learn all aspects of how to set up, market and grow your exciting, profitable art business and do it in your own time, from the comfort of your home (or studio), using either your laptop, iPad or phone.

Get on these courses and avoid making the mistakes I did.

build your artists business plan

The Essential Course To Building An Effective Business Plan

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In this short course, you work through my 7 Key Pillars to the perfect Artists Business Plan.

From focussing on your ‘big goal’ to cracking those finances, finding your niche, pricing your work, discovering who your ideal audience is and developing your products/services, sales and marketing strategies that really work and so much more.

artist open studio success

All You Need To Know To Launch A Successful Artists Open Studio

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In this short course I walk you step-by-step through each phase of planning out, organising, marketing and launching a vibrant Artists Open Studio (or Artists Open House) that your audience will flock to and invest in time and time again.

You’ll discover how to make sales at your event and even make this one of your key art business income streams.

This course is now closed.

THE KEY Course

The Ultimate Course

Artist Business Academy

Coming In 2020...

The Artists Business Academy is the complete step-by-step system that helps you move from ‘hobby’ status, to professional Artist or profitable Art Business.
(Yes this means putting your money in, rather than drawing out a salary).

More Online Courses

Fill Your Art Workshops

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In this short course, I share my winning formula (The Ultimate Workshop Success Model), to go from zero bookings to fully booked time and time again.

You’ll also discover how to create the perfect content your participants will love, how to properly launch your events, how to retain your customers so they keep on buying, and how to turn this into a full-time income stream if that works for you.

Market Your Art

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Marketing is the glue that holds your whole Art Business together. In this beginners course you will learn how to determine exactly who your ideal target market is; how to reach them quickly and effectively, and what marketing strategies will be best for your business.

I’ll be sharing my secret winning 2-Part Marketing Success Formula, so that you can easily build your mailing list, launch your art events and make those all-important sales that put the cash in the bank.

Get On Social Media

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Hate the idea of sharing your life, your work, or anything else on Social Media? In this beginners course I will show you how to avoid doing what you hate and instead get creative, have fun and use these tools in a way that works for you, to get the results you actually want.

Learn how to correctly set up and optimise your accounts; post engaging content your audience will love; promote and sell your work without being or awkward or seem pushy.


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This course is now closed.