Today I am excited to be looking at marketing on Twitter, and of course aiming this more specifically at all artists and creative businesses. In my previous blogs I looked at how to Get Started On Social Media As An Artist, as well as more specifically on Pinterest and Facebook. Today we are examining Twitter and how you can start growing a following fast.

So let’s get stuck straight in.

On Twitter you have just 40 characters to let people know what you are doing. This certainly focuses the mind, and forces you to think more about what you are saying and be much more succinct. If you are not familiar with Twitter, then when you first start looking at your Home Feed it can all seem a bit overwhelming; with lots of short-links, hash-tags, abbreviations and so forth. Don’t let this put you off though; as once you get in the swing it all becomes much easier.

So what should you do to get going as fast as possible?

Here Are My 6 Simple Steps To Marketing On Twitter For Artists:

One: Sign Up For An Account, Choose Your Username And Go Through Your Settings.

Sounds obvious I know, but sometimes the easier things are where people get stuck. What username to go with for instance. If it’s free I would always go with your own name first, or your business trading name. So for example I have @SophieMahir, @SophieMahirArt & as mine. There is a character limit here too, so if you have a super long name you may need to shorten it. Have a think about what makes sense to your audience.

Next you will be taken through various steps to fill out your account, then once you are in the main area, work your way through the ‘settings’. For example I always turn off ALL the notifications by email, otherwise your already full inbox will be even more crowded. Get used to looking on the actual Twitter interface only.

Two: Create A Great Bio, Profile And Timeline Pictures.

Your Bio is usually the first thing people see, so take the time to come up with a sentence that sums up the benefits you offer your audience. Use your keywords (and add the #hashtag symbol) to make it obvious what you are about.

Add your website, landing page, or any other URL in the link space.

Now it’s time to do some branding on your account. Up-load your professional headshot into the profile image.

Then you want to create a lovely time-line image that ideally shows clearly either you as an artist/creator, some artwork you have for sale, something inspirational, or you can promote your Free Giveaway or latest work/exhibition etc.

For effective marketing on Twitter, the timeline image should made the most of and look good. The correct dimensions are 1500 x 500 pixels and you can easily create one on PicMonkey or Canva. Look out for future blogs on how to use those tools. As creative businesses it is really important to have quality images of course.

Three: Start Tweeting Some Valuable Content.

Next you want to start actually ‘tweeting’ to get some content onto your page. Don’t worry that you haven’t yet got any followers to see this. I think it’s more important to have content so that when people do see you they are more likely to follow as active account, and they can see the sort of content you will be sharing.

First off you can share any artwork you already have; or studio ‘in the making’ shots. Then of course up-dates of what you are up to, where you are in the world, your story; as well as topics that are ‘trending’ right now, and things other artists are talking about. Also think about your target market who are reading this – what would get them excited to see?

Find articles on websites you follow in your field, and tweet about those too. (Use a ‘link shortener’ like

Four: Start To Build A Following And Engage With Them.

So once you have a branded account with some great content on it, the time has arrived for you to find more followers. So how will you go about this? Well there are lots of ways. One of which is to think about someone who is a ‘guru’ or person of influence in the market you are in. Then follow them, and start following their followers. The idea being if you are in the same market, then it’s likely these people will also find what you are sharing of interest too.

From there you will probably see other accounts that resonate and you can do the same thing. About 40% of people will typically follow you back, so after a while you may well want to use a Twitter tool to clean out your account of ‘un-followers’.

You always want to keep more people following you than you follow, so you’ll need to keep going back and un-following those that didn’t follow back. Be careful too with how many people you follow in any one day – I like to keep between 50 – 100, and that seems fine.

Use either the @mention to write a message back to your new followers (that then is visable to all), or the Direct Message (which is private between you).

Look through the Home Feed and find posts to ‘like’ or ‘re-tweet’ to your page. Now you are starting to gain momentum and create connections and this is where the magic can happen. I love marketing on Twitter and so will you.

There are many other ways to build your following and I will be posting more about that very soon.

Five: Create Twitter Lists To Stay Organised.

I love Twitter lists, because once you follow a fair number of people it can become confusing, so it’s great to organise them into groups. These lists can be ‘public’ or ‘private’ – I have some of both.

Just go to ‘Lists’ and click ‘create new’. One of the things I love to do is when I’m looking for things to share I can go to a certain list and see what those members are posting; then share something from there.

Six: Get More Familiar With Your #Hash-Tags.

Lastly for now a word on #hash-tags when marketing your art business on Twitter. This subject will deserve a whole other blog at some point further down the line, but for now let’s look at the basics. Hash-tags simply put group things together.

They can be generic (like #Blogging, #Business, #Art etc.); more niched (like #AcrylicPainting, #CreativeCoffeeHour, #MarketingTips), also topics, brands, things to talk about today (#InspirationMonday, #Exhibition, #YourTown). I would suggest doing some searches within Twitter so see what hash-tags could work well for you. You can (and should) also include your main ones in your Twitter Bio.

Then what about creating your own? Make sure nobody is using it already and away you go.

So there we have it – I hope you are inspired to get started with marketing on Twitter and don’t forget to follow me and let me know you’ve read this blog.

Have a great day.

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