I absolutely love marketing. I know that’s strange coming from an artist and creator. It’s a skill I’m honed over the last few years. So sitting here writing this blog on how to Market Your Art Workshops In 6 Simple Steps, is a total pleasure. I believe that if I can learn to love marketing, than you can too.

This will change your world. Open up infinite possibilities. And mean you can take control of your business.

When I say ‘Marketing’ I really mean ‘Sales & Marketing’. For although these are often seen as separate things, they really don’t make sense without each other, do they?

Check out all my previous articles on marketing if you want to get more of an over-view.

Today we are specialising on marketing just one thing, your Art Workshops.

Market Your Art Workshops In 6 Simple Steps:

Step One: Timeline & Planning: 

I always start out by making a rough plan on a large sheet of paper. Using coloured pens or pencil makes this a fast, simple task. Once you have read through the other 5 steps you’ll be able to do this too. I love doing this on a Mind-map.

I start with the basics:

  • Write down the title, date, times and venue for my workshop.
  • What are my targets: how many students do I want & how much money do I want to make.
  • How many weeks have I got to market this?
  • What are my core marketing strategies for this event?
  • Who will do this? (Usually it’ll be you to start with).
  • If I am choosing the ‘Free Event’ strategy as we are here, what are the details of that?
  • What is the Special Offer price (and Bonuses) I’ll offer at the event?

Next I’ll take a calendar and block out the weeks to my Art Workshop. Then I’ll allocate at least half a day, every day, to do the marketing tasks. For example if you are putting on a simple Free Event, adding that in would be the start.

I recommend having 6-8 weeks lead up to your Art Workshop, and 4-6 of those leading up to your Free Event.

Step Two: Free Event/s:

This is by far the easiest way to get those ‘bums on seats’. Most people struggle with filling any type of workshop from what I have experienced over the years.

Offer your target market a chance to try something out for free is a ‘no-brainer’ for them. Then if they love what you’ve done, make a Special Offer to book your paid-for Art Workshop on the day. Simple.

As an artist-teacher this is the very best way to market your art workshop. As you can either do a Live Demonstration or run a 90 Min Taster Session.

So choose what you want to do, pick a date (or consider doing this a few times), venue and put together some ‘Marketing Copy’. Build appeal for this Free Event through your words, and image and of course an attention-grabbing headline.

Step Three: Marketing Strategies:

Now you want to think about some core marketing strategies to get people over to your Free Event. So list out 5 to 10 things you could do.

For Example:

  1. Go to some networking events.
  2. Email your contacts.
  3. Get on Social Media
  4. Put up a Facebook Event and invite as many people as possible.
  5. Talk about your event in Artists’ Groups.
  6. Run some Facebook Ads, Google Ads or other.
  7. Use video or live video to spread your message.
  8. Press Releases to your local papers.
  9. Call up any art centres, art shops or other who might be able to help you.
  10. Have some funky posters done and put up strategically.

Step Four: Take Consistent Daily Action:

Add your chosen ways to market your art workshops to your Timeline & Planning docs. Now you have to be 100% focussed and prepared for that timescale to do your marketing every day.

To be honest this is where most people get it wrong. They put up their Art Workshop somewhere and ‘hope it will be seen’. You have to get this information out in front of your potential audience daily. That means either getting up early, or staying up late, if you don’t want to use your day time.

It’s simple: No Activity = No Attendees.

Top Tip: With Free Events you are likely to get a lot of drop-off at the last minute. So if you want 30 people there, aim for 50+ to register with you.

Step Five: Special Offer:

Once you have your Free Event booked up, think about what the Special Offer will be. On the day, you want to give people a chance to get your Art Workshop at a discount.


  • The ticket price you want to receive: $197 (target is 6 people).
  • You advertise your Art Workshop on the day at $297.
  • Then give them the offer price of $197.
  • Everyone is happy…

Step Six: Continue Marketing:

Once you’ve delivered your Free Event, and you’ve had some sign-ups, there is nothing stopping you continuing. Even if it’s for one week, keep up all your activity to market your art workshops.

Maybe you need just one more sign-up… It’s possible someone might change their mind nearer the time and want to join you. So stay in touch with everyone, and don’t forget all those 30 attendees are now on your Mailing List. So email them.

Do general activity to market your art workshops right up till the final day – unless you sold out already! In which case let people know this. Then create a Waiting List for the next one. Don’t forget to enjoy the process.