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Live A Balanced Lifestyle

Do you ever ponder on how to live a balanced lifestyle? 

Dream of working from that large, ‘Instagramable’ studio space, fitting in a yoga class at lunchtime, eating fresh amazing food after your morning power walk, spending the weekend away with your partner, friends, kids; taking quality time out for yourself, reading some self-improvement books etc… AND still, have an Art Business that easily supports you to do all this?

Well you’re going to love this article.

My Ten Areas Of Living A Balance Lifestyle:

1. Health

Although these areas are not in any order of preference I still believe without optimal health and energy, you’ll struggle to build anything. Let alone a successful thriving art business.

If you are always tired, in pain or discomfort, or have some chronic disorder, then you’ll only ever function at half (or less) of what you could or should be doing. If you’re in some sort of ‘toxic’ environment, whether that physical, emotional or spiritual, this will also stop you from being free to live a balanced lifestyle.

I’ve been lucky enough to experience both ends of the scale. Yes, I believe that life sends you opportunities for learning and growing; now whether you pay attention and are prepared to do the change work that is another matter of course. 

For me, after years of research, trial and error, and now 100% belief, a Healthy Lifestyle is the only thing that gives me the energy and has healed my Chronic Fatigue Syndrome amongst other things. 

Along with many forms of movement and meditation; all of which I speak further about in other blogs on this site and videos on my Facebook Page.

So make sure you create enough time in your day and week to make healthy food, take regular exercise breaks, do some yoga, meditate, drink plenty of good quality water, breath deep, put your face in the sunshine, go barefoot…I think you get the idea.

Don’t get stuck in the idea that you ‘don’t have the time’. We all have the same 24 hours in the day, it’s up to you how to spend those hours and what you get out of a day.

2. Business

Of course, having chosen to Build Your Dream Art Business you will be wanting to spend most of your time creating in your dedicated space. One of the things I love about choosing how you want to live, then building your Art Business to fund this; is that you can now work exactly when, where and how you want to.

I love working from different spaces. For example, if I have a blog to write (like this one), then I might go to an inspiring café and write from there. I also recommend taking headphones if you are not experienced at blocking out noise. If you live somewhere warm, going outside can be very stimulating.; although the ‘laptop lifestyle’ images we’ve all seen don’t work well in reality!

Obviously when you make what you make then you’ll likely have a studio space to work from and may be totally happy in that. I talk a lot about How To Be Successful Working From Home and a big part of this can be your ability to protect your boundaries. Family and friends can often mean well when they just want to take a look at what you are doing…It’s going to be up to you to let them know that you are ‘at work’.

Building your own business can sometimes become all-consuming, especially in the first couple of years when you are establishing yourself. I recommend aiming to get help, outsource, or have a VA as soon as possible to take the heat off you.

Just remember that those who live a fully balanced lifestyle, will avoid burnout and have more enjoyable time. Make sure you absolutely LOVE every day and are being smart about how you do things.

3. Family

Family can take so many forms I believe. This can be direct family members like children you may have, partner, parents, siblings etc. But you can also create your own family from a group of like-minded artists and art-friends. Whatever it is for you, making sure you spend quality time with these special people should re-energise and re-inspire you. 

I guess you could say I am incredibly lucky, as I have two amazing grown up daughters, one of whom works inside this very business. The other is building her own life nearby. We are best of friends as well as being connected by family, They both are my no. 1 champions, and remind me to be the best I can be every day.

4. Love

Having love in your life is as essential as the air we breathe. I hope you first of all love yourself or are at least working towards this. I found that once you can fully love and approve of yourself, your art can take on a new energy and purpose.

As artists we can often be very hard on ourselves and therefore having the love of another human-being will help enormously. Ideally you have created a wonderful loving partnership with that magical other person that makes you feel alive with all of life’s possibilities. They support and challenge you all at the same time.

Spending time with those that you love will be a vital part of how to live a balanced lifestyle.

5. Creativity

I suppose you might be saying “doesn’t this go without saying’? Well, creativity can take so many different forms; that I believe your art can be stimulated by trying out all different types of ‘Creativity’. If you are not careful it’s perfectly possible to stagnate by just doing what you know or are familiar with on repeat.

Time to get out of your comfort zone and allocate some time to try new things. Then watch your own creativity and ideas sore. I’m so passionate about this subject that I’ve written a totally separate Blog Post called: Develop Your Art & Creativity.

6. Adventure

Ok so who isn’t up for a bit of adventure? Adventure also sometimes gets you out of your comfort zone. So, what exactly do I mean by adventure? No, you don’t have to climb Kilimanjaro or trek the Himalayas to tick this box on your way to the perfect balanced lifestyle. Of course, you definitely can…

How about a bit of travel, a weekend break, a working week somewhere warm, climbing or walking somewhere a little bit challenging? Changing your usual scenery and going somewhere new can keep you on your toes. Try having no fixed plans, being free to go with the moment, or allow for possibilities. 

Try making a Bucket List if you haven’t already. Then start scheduling things in your year planner.

7. Spirituality

Having a belief in something higher than yourself I have found incredibly powerful and supportive. Whatever that is for you, knowing ‘some energy’ has your back as you go through life adds another dimension. 

If this is not a journey you have taken yet, then I highly recommend starting with taking time to sit quietly and meditate. There are plenty of tools online to help you find the right practice for you. I like to start my day with a visualisation practice, asking help from my angels for my day; taking a 10-minute break later on to sit quietly, and always end my day with a guided meditation.

None of this is going to take up hours of your time and can easily be built into any current day. The results, however, are enormous and worth focussing on right away.

8. Environment

This is another area that mas many sides to it and is vital to your ability to live a balanced lifestyle. This could be as simple as your physical space. Maybe you live in a small, cluttered space where having any quality creative time is a challenge. Maybe you have noisy neighbours, bouncy kids, or are in a crowded shared space. 

All of this will have a massive impact on your ability to focus and build the life and business of your dreams. 

Decide on what you need around you and work out how to make it happen. Just because you are in one situation right now, doesn’t mean you can’t change it. I love to start with a Vision Board so you can really clear on how and where you want to live and work. Then work out how to make this a reality.

9. Giving back

Once you have built a stable art business, you’ll be in a place to give back, if this is something that floats your boat. This can be something really small, to start with, where you perhaps donate a percentage of your art sales to your favourite charity. This feels so great, just to know that you are a part of improving others’ lives.

But if you prefer to really get stuck in, try some volunteering at a local charity, or even start up your own. Just make sure you have your own base solid first and then build on that. 

10. Rest & Recuperation

OK, this may be last on the list, but it’s very much not least. This is an area I just didn’t know anything about until recently and had to actually look up on Google ‘How to rest’. Yes, I can’t believe it now, but it was true. As a single mum, who worked her whole life, I had always just got on with things. Although my health started to go downhill some years ago, I did what most of us do and ignored the signs…

Fast forward to 2019 and I paid the price. 

Now I understand that there many ways to get in your R&R. From reading a good book, to sitting by a log fire doing nothing, to lying down in a quiet room with soft music and incense and much more. 

My suggestion? Make sure you carve out proper time for yourself on a regular basis. 

OK so I hope these Ten Areas Of Living A Balance Lifestyle have inspired you just a little bit and you are ready to take some action. We all know that it’s one thing to read this blog, maybe take some notes; place an intention, but it’s another thing entirely when you TAKE ACTION. Let me know how you get on in the comments below, I’d love to hear from you

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