So, you really want to run some workshops sharing the art or creativity that you do? You’re passionate about your subject matter and are a good teacher? But how do you Get Your Workshops Fully Booked? This is the number one hurdle and something that 99% of artists, no matter how wonderful their workshops and classes are, just can’t achieve. You know who you are…:)

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Imagine how wonderful it would be to effortlessly be able to get your workshops fully booked and paid for without any stress. Well, that’s exactly what I do, and have been for some time, (so long as I follow my own Ultimate Workshop Success Model). If I deviate for a moment, then I could be looking at empty seats and have not reached my target income figure either. Which when you work so hard to prepare just isn’t great.

I thought I’d give you a sneak peek at my Ultimate Workshop Success Model, so that you too can start on your road to art or creative workshop success.

Here is a section of my Success Model, and a great place for you to start your focus right now.

Get Your Workshops Fully Booked

Artists & Creatives: How To Get Your Workshops Fully Booked.

1: You must know your ideal customer inside out.

Firstly, you absolutely must have worked out who your target market are and drilled down into the details of your Ideal Customer Avatar. If you don’t take the time to do this you might as well not bother going any further.

2: You must have the right product for that audience.

Then you want to make sure that the subject matter you want to teach is a perfect match for that audience. (I know this is business basics, so matter what business you run).

3: Speak to them in their language and meet them where they are at.

You can lose people just by using the wrong type of communication, wording or tone. Once you know who you are speaking to, then imagine your best ideal customer and write just to them. Don’t offer advanced classes if you know they are likely total beginners for example. (It happens…) 

4: Then you offer a Free short introduction to your subject.

Offer a Free Introduction 90 minutes and whet people’s appetites. Make the day, time and venue easy to find, and the content offered exactly what your audience wants to learn. In other words make it a ‘no-brainer’ for them to turn up. Know that you may well get a 20-30% drop-off on the day, so make sure you over book it. I use Meetup to do this; it’s fast, easy to use and has very low organiser fees.

Note: The are two key secrets that I share in my ‘Fill Your Art Workshops & Classes’ One-Day Workshop, that takes this idea to the next level…

5: Promote the benefits (not just the features) of your workshop or event.

It’s common to see the features displayed on posters or flyers for a workshop (i.e. what you get…materials, food, parking, the hours, time etc..) all of which people want to know at some point along the buying process…

BUT it’s not what will make them book! They want to know what it will do for them. What are the key benefits of attending on that day? How will they feel doing this class. We all make a buying decision when our emotions are touched; the ‘when, where, etc.’ comes later.

6: On the day get them excited about doing more with you.

Whilst they are having a wonderful experience tell them all about what they could get if they booked onto the next step, your paid for class. Explain how you could only offer the basics now and if they really want to do XYZ then you have limited places on your next One-Day Workshop.

7: Sell them onto a Full Day Workshop.

Tell them all about what you have to offer (I like to get people’s permission at the beginning of my freebie before doing this), walk them through the benefits of the day, what you will cover, what they will walk away with, what they will gain, and of course the value and pricing. Have a Workshop Booking form to hand out.

8: Give them a reason to book and pay on that day.

Most importantly give them a reason to book on the day, once they go home they’ve detached and gone back into their lives. Give them an Early Bird offer, or a special price for booking then and there and have an easy way to take payment handy.

I like to offer bonuses rather than offer a discount, so think what your customer would most want or value and offer this for those who sign up. Of course you must make sure it works out for you and you are not out of pocket or losing too much of your time.

9: From that Workshop up-sell to your higher priced items.

Once people have become paying customers they are much more likely (80% of your bookings will come from 20% of your customers) to re-book or take a higher price-point item with you. At this point you have built up trust and demonstrated your ability, from there you can build a community of people who love what you offer and come back time and time again.

Once you have seen this in action, I promise you won’t look back and you’ll no longer wonder How To Get Your Workshops Fully Booked.