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How To Find Your Niche As A Fine Artist

In today’s blog I’m talking about how to find your niche as a fine artist.

Some of you are not going to like what I have to say on this matter and that’s ok! I believe having a crystal clear niche is essential as a professional artist if you want to become recognised, make consistent sales and build a profitable art business.

So if you want to discover how to lose that ‘Jack of all trades approach’ and master your ONE THING, then make sure to read my blog, or if you prefer to watch a video then click through to my YouTube channel instead.


What is a niche exactly?


  • It’s a specialised or focused area of your work.
  • It’s a way of differentiating from your competition. 
  • It’s how you’ll stand out in a crowded space..
  • It’s DOING ONE THING (and doing it well).

It’s confusing for your customers if you don’t know what you do!!
And when your customers are confused, they will leave and find someone else who they understand.


Let’s look at 5 reasons why you’d want to niche from an art business perspective:


  1. It’s easy to establish your visual brand, so no more confusing Instagram feeds or messy looking website.
  2. It’s much simpler to target your ideal audience; and increase your engagement, views and following.
  3. You can establish yourself as an expert in your field; which in turn will give you more visibility.
  4. You can create more focused content and content that will resonate with your *Ideal Customer.
  5. Opportunities to collaborate with other artists. (and expand your network)


*Have you got my handy Free Download: The Ideal Customer Avatar Worksheet? Get yours here.



Now let’s take a look at how to find your niche as a fine artist.


Here’s the simple 3-step method:


Step One: Get to know what you love doing.


  • Here you want to experiment a lot.
  • Try out all the different media.
  • Try out different subject matter.
  • Then ask yourself what you are drawn to most.

Keep playing until you have worked out the things that gives you the most creative JOY.


Step Two: Find your own style.


Your artistic style is what makes you, you, as an artist or creative. 

  • Where do you find your inspiration?
  • What are your favourite colour palettes?
  • What subject matter do you choose the most?
  • What specific marks do you make?
  • What materials or processes have you refined?

When you combine all of this, you have something unique to you.


Step Three: CHOOSE one media + subject matter + your style.


  • Now it’s time to choose just ONE.
  • Yes ONE thing.
  • One media choice, subject matter and of course with your own style.

It’s time to be taken seriously as an artist…

The more you narrow your niche, the clearer what you have to offer is.

Leave behind being ‘an artist’, or even ‘a painter’ and become a creative who can declare:

“I offer abstract watercolour landscapes of Scotland.” (for example)


Quite honestly I’m excited for you, this could be the moment you give yourself permission to put down most of what you are playing with (isn’t that what sketchbooks are for??), narrow in and focus all your efforts on your one thing.

Of course getting clear on that target audience is also a big part of this process, so make sure you read this next:

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