Do YOU know exactly how to discover your ideal target market?

As an Artist or Creative Business (or one of those in the making) it’s vital to really understand who is going to buy your product or service. Profiling your ICA (Ideal Customer Avatar) is going to be one of the most important tasks you’ll ever do. Then once you’ve identified who they are, you’ll want to answer this second question: How are you going to get your business in front of them?

So firstly, put aside some time now to work through my simple Artists ICA Worksheet which you can download here. (No sign-up, just a freebie with no strings attached).

When you have worked on How To Discover Your Ideal Target Market, I can promise you a light will switch on in your brain. It did that for me over 15 years ago, when I first set out as a Professional Artist back in the UK. I had absolutely no idea who my target market were, and so consequently I wasted a lot of time, effort and money marketing to the WRONG PEOPLE…

Let’s get clear, at that point I had absolutely NO idea how to run a creative business that could provide me with an income. Let alone one that could sustain a mortgage, car, and two children on my own! I discover that one of the most important parts of running any business was to know to whom you sell. (And the other of course is to have an awesome product that they’ll love).

Oh, and in case you are wondering HOW do I know who they are? You have to decide and make it up, until you have real customers you can profile.

Here is my simple formula to getting this right. Write as if you are profiling just one person, your Ideal Customer…give them a name too.

Creatives: How To Discover Your Ideal Target Market. 

If you’ve already Artists ICA Worksheet then you can follow along here.

Part One: The Basics:

You want to understand some of the basics right? But most people stumble at the first one. Yes, you need to be specific with age. Any age is just too broad. Think about a typical age-range you want to deal with and start there. Or possible have them in different brackets, and almost treat them as a separate ICA.

  • Age: What age range are they?
  • Sex: How do they identify?
  • Relationship status: Describe…
  • Children: Do they have children, if so how many and what ages?
  • Employment Status: Describe…

Part Two: Location:

Are you planning on building a global business? What countries will you reach and sell in? Or do you want to have a physical art business in your nearby location.

  • Local: What area specifically?
  • National: Any sub-areas, or cities?
  • Global: Describe…

Part Three: Lifestyle:

This is the big section, so really take the time to fully get into the process. Step inside their head and imagine this person. Oh yes, I ALWAYS have just one ICA in mind when I do this. I write my emails to her, I create my Social Media posts to her…you get the idea. Get creative and have some fun in this section.

  • Income or Turnover: What’s their salary or business turnover?
  • Disposable Income: What do they have left to spend/invest on wants and desires?
  • Home Owner or Rental: Describe…
  • Cars: Describe…
  • Hobbies: List out…
  • Interests: List out…
  • Shopping habits: Describe…
  • Eating Out: Where do they eat out?
  • Holidays: What sort of holidays do they take?
  • Memberships: List…
  • Dress: How do they dress?
  • Reading: Do they read books or blog? If so, which?
  • Who do they admire: List/Describe…
  • What Social Media Accounts do they follow: List…
  • Anything else…

Part Four: Mind-set:

This part my friends is super important, and you are nearly there. So please don’t give up before the end. By now you have a really good idea how this person looks, thinks, does things. Now you are going to dive deeper and get into their head. This will give you so many amazing clues as to how they would like to be treated, contacted, spoken to etc.

  • Values: What’s important to them?
  • Beliefs: What beliefs do they hold?
  • Needs: What are their needs?
  • Wants: Describe what they really want…
  • Desires: Describe their dreams and desires…

Lastly, I like to write a description of their ideal day.

I hope you have enjoyed How To Discover Your Ideal Target Market and really fully filled out each section. Of course there is a lot more you need to do before being ready to start attracting your target customers. All of which I cover in my Mini-Workshop: ‘Find Your Target Market’ – so if you are in Western Australia, then this could be for you. If not, I’ll be putting all this content online I the next 12 months.

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