Have you ever thought about how you could Grow Your Art Business With Facebook Live Video? As an artist or creative, we have the very best opportunity I think to dominate the trend of Live Video, both on Facebook and Instagram. Even on YouTube a well. We live in a visual world, and with more and more people watching videos over reading posts, then surely this is a given?

The one thing I REALLY love as an artists’ marketing strategy is that it’s free. All this will take is some of your time (and not even very much of that either) and your organisation. Oh and being brave of course.

Question 1: What stops most artists from staring out with Live Video? Answer: FEAR.

  • Fear that somehow ‘it won’t work’.
  • Fear that you will dry up and forget who you are or what you are talking about.
  • Fear of ‘making a fool of yourself’
  • Fear of actually being seen…This is the topic for another whole blog series (or videos).

In this blog you can start to learn how to Grow Your Art Business With Facebook Live Video. I’ll share the strategy and then it’s up to you to get stuck in and apply it of course.

Question 2: Why Live Video not just pre-recorded video?

  • No editing…:)
  • No big wait for the up-loading.
  • It’s much quicker to go live than do a pre-record (hello to all you perfectionists out there).
  • You can do both spontaneous lives as you are out and about.
  • Most importantly: Facebook LOVES Live Videos and so yours will get pushed out there into the feed, unlike you page posts, which go nowhere.

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Let’s get stuck into the ‘how to’…

My 3-Step Process: How To Grow Your Art Business With Facebook Live Video

Step One: What to get ready before going live:

Firstly, before you can even ‘go live’ there are a few things to set up, work out and decide.

> Should you use your phone camera or laptop? I recommend going live to begin with on your smart phone.  It’s quick, easy and you can progress to your laptop later.

> What about shooting in Portrait or landscape mode? As artists, we probably want to show some of what’s around us, so I recommend going live in landscape mode*.

TOP TIP: *Make sure you have your phones portrait lock off, and once you’ve written your description, only then turn your phone, and wait for all the items showing to fully flip too. Otherwise you’ll come in sideways…

> How can you get the best lighting? Move around till you get the best, most even light across your face. Usually near a window or I natural light. You can get fancy with lighting later.

> Framing and background. Make sure you always look into your ‘camera hole’ (ie the camera…), not at the screen. Set yourself up so that your phone is above you slightly, so you avoid the ‘noise-hair’ look. Check your background is clear, free from clutter, and ideally has you in your studio or creative space. Put yourself central, or slightly off to the side, but sitting nicely in the frame. Avoid ceiling shots!

> Make-up and look. For women this is simple; make sure you add some colour as the camera will fade you out, especially if you have got artificial lighting. Men, you guys can try adding colour too, and make sure the light you are in shows you up as best as possible.

> Your branding and colours. You should always be thinking about your branding and colours, so dress yourself and your ‘set’ accordingly.

> What about extra kit? It’s easy to pick up a cheap tripod and selfie stick, and you can use your phone earphones with the little mic on them if you are filming outside. If you want to go further, you can create your own film studio with a diva light, backdrop and microphone. Sounds harder than it is.

> How can you avoid camera shake? Make sure your camera is propped on something or attached to a table or full-size tripod. When you are filming outside pop your phone into a self-stick and hold away from you.

Step Two: Ready To Go Live On Facebook Live Video:

Once you are set up you will need to start a Live Recording. First go to your Art Business Page on Facebook, then find ‘publish’, then the red ‘live’ icon. Don’t worry you won’t actually go live till you are ready.

Next you MUST write a captivating caption, so that when people see you are going live it might stop them in their tracks and they’ll want to watch. Then once you have flipped the camera if you are going landscape, you hit the blue live icon.

You still have 5 seconds to sort yourself out. Be ready, still and smiling. Then get talking straight away. Introduce yourself, say what you will be talking about, do a few hello’s, encourage people to comment, like and ask questions etc.

TOP TIP: Don’t wait for people to show up. It takes 2/3 minutes before your audience is notified and people join, and you don’t want to lose the replay people as they get bored waiting. GET STUCK IN.

What if you have a small audience? Don’t worry, this is the very best way to grow it. If nobody turns up, don’t panic either. Once you have your live done, you can promote it and get replay viewers.

When you hit the finish button, you have the choice to upload it or delete it. If you’d rather do it again, then you can delete and re-do.

My suggestion is to make it a daily habit to go live from your studio, or outside, or anywhere else relevant. Practice makes perfect and you will be surprised at the results you can get.

Step Three: Be Strategic With Your Facebook Live Video:

> Always be intentional. There is nothing worse than watching someone’s un-thought out videos.

> Value people’s time and thank them for joining (even if there’s nobody on live…think about your replay watchers).

> Plan out a few topics ahead of time and flesh out what you want to say.

> Always start with your captivating introductions (who you are, what you offer and to whom).

> Next deliver your content.

> Then end with a Call 2 Action; send them to your Instagram, Etsy shop, website or where they can join your Mailing List.

> Aim for 10 – 15 minutes per live video to get started, or longer if you teach things.

This is just the tip of the iceberg with how to Grow Your Art Business With Facebook Live Video. Here’s my call to action: Just get started; you can’t break anything. Ask yourself what is the worst that can happen?