So how do you get started on Social Media without it taking over your life completely? 

What Social Media accounts should you have, and what could be avoided?

How will you manage these going forwards? If you are anything like me, you’d rather be creating or making and not spending hours of your day on the computer or your smart phone.

Now I come from a slightly different position to many of you here I suspect. When I first launched my art career as a painter, there was no Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+, Periscope or YouTube to market your business on. Now I’m heading back into that world I am so incredibly excited at the possibilities now available to me.

Previously back in the day, I spent hours of my time creating posters, flyers, post-cards, mailing out physical letters, driving around distributing them, and writing press release for the local papers. Now, when I think back (yes blowing the dust from the dark recesses of my brain), this actually took quite a bit of time too.

Most people I speak to complain bitterly that they don’t want to be spending hours of their time to get started on Social Media. They don’t know what to post and how to come up with consistent content.

Here’s How To Get Started On Social Media In Just 15 Minutes A Day:

What should you consider first:

  • As artists the very best accounts to set up right now are Instagram and Pinterest. As they are a dream visually and are also likely to be where your target market are hanging out. You can also find and add followers easily.
  • But you can also build a great following fast on Twitter and Google+, as it’s very easy to also add followers. And I will share later how you can gain 1,000 Twitter followers in just 10 days.
  • Then we mustn’t forget the lovely Facebook of course, as this has the benefit of being where most people share their daily lives. Not to mention their wonderful Messenger, where you can send quick instant messages, audio or video call for free.
  • If you like making videos, or teach in any way, then YouTube and Periscope should be top of your list. YouTube is the second largest search engine to Google, and people are looking for video content more and more. Then linked to Twitter is Periscope where you can live stream direct to your audience.

What You Need To Get Your Accounts Set Up:

  • I recommend an ‘admin type’ email address to set up your accounts with. I always teach my clients to create an email and just use this for admin type purposes.
  • You will then need your professional headshot photo (in different sizes according to which platform you are on).
  • A very short punchy Bio, where you want to use your main keywords and summarise what your products are, or the benefits you offer your customers. For most accounts now this is one sentence, so spend a bit of time getting this right.
  • The most important part of any Social Media account is your ‘Call to Action’. The URL where you will send people. Now I recommend not just putting in your website, as most people who want to will find this anyway. Use a specific landing page, other Social Media profile, or sales page (like an Etsy Shop). You can of course change it as much as you like.
  • Then you’ll need a Timeline Image photo (in most cases, not for Instagram or Periscope right now), and this again should reflect your business brand. (See: The Top 7 Mistakes Artists Make When Going Professional)
  • Lastly you need some actual posts to get you started. I recommend creating a Social Media Posting Plan to work from, as this makes like so much easier.

How To Start Managing Your Social Media In 15 Minutes A day:

  • Set aside the time in your schedule – ideally at the time when your target market are online.
  • Choose one primary account, and two others to start with.
  • Start with an image post to your primary account; make sure this is inspiring, thought-provoking or topical. And includes some written copy to go with it, and any #hashtags (this will depend on which platform you’re on of course).
  • Find other people’s posts to like, share and comment on – so start getting some engagement
  • Answer any private messages you get, and consider approaching new followers to say hello.
  • Now find new followers using the search options.

I will be writing articles on all the different platforms next, so there will be more details in there with specifics on all of the above.

I would also recommend using a scheduling tool like Buffer or Hootsuite, as this makes your life a lot easier. You can plan out a week’s posts and then schedule them. All you need to do then is monitor your engagement – which you can do once or twice a day. Thus saving you hours of time.

All I can say to those of you who are somewhat reticent about how to get started on Social Media that it is going to be well worth the effort! As I have recently set up my new art business right now, I’ve already set up my Social Media and will be building an audience before I’ve even finished any work…very exciting.

I hope you feel a bit better about getting going now too…:)

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