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One of the main challenges facing most artists is how to make money from your art.

So I’ve put together this ARTISTS GUIDE containing details of 21 Ways To Make Money From Your Art.

I believe that if you want to be taken seriously, then you must set yourself up as a professional business. You may therefore need more than one income stream as part of that business.

Within this 47-page guide, I walk you through a variety of options to suit different needs and skill types.

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I am currently running Art Marketing Workshops in Perth, WA. Please get in touch if you are anywhere else.

Each day runs from 9.30am till 3.30pm, either in Midvale or at my Home Studio in Darlington.

Here are some of the topics I run One-Day Workshops on topics such as: Artists Business Planning; Ultimate Marketing, Online Marketing, Email Marketing, List Building, Social Media Success, Facebook Marketing, Instagram Marketing, Pinterest Marketing, Sales & Selling, Making Money As An Artist, Marketing & Selling Your Own Art Workshops.

Go to the Workshops page to see more details and dates for the up-coming events.

Calling all Artists & Creatives – Semi-Professional or Professional (or those aspiring to be).

Whether you are a Painter, Sculptor, Illustrator, Writer, Dancer, Potter, Textile Maker, Jeweller, Crafter, Facilitator, Photographer, Designer, Gallery, etc…you are ALL welcome!

How would you like to grow your artistic practice into a sustainable, profitable business, whilst sharing, learning and getting to know other creatives here in Perth? Do you dream of making a good living from your artistic passion? But lack the general business, marketing & sales skills to do so? Then this is the right group for you!

Here at Perth Arts, our main meeting is every 2nd Saturday in Midvale, from 9.30am till 12.00p and costs just $10. It’s free to park, and has easy access from multiple highways and 5 mins from Midland train station. Meet like-minded people, make great friendships, discover new things, gain your confidence, and join a wonderful community here in Perth.

If you run an Artists Group or are part of one, and you would be interested in having me speak for you, then please get more details over on the Talks Page here. I would love to book something in.

I am also happy to be interviewed on a Podcast, Radio or TV – I am passionate about helping more artists to make a good living from their passion and get my message out there will only help.

Please note that I do only run this business part-time, as I also paint (!) and am taking a full-time course this year. After 2019 I will be more available time-wise.

So there are many ways you can consume my artists marketing Free Content; whether that’s online via my Blog, YouTube channel, Social Media, by joining the AMA Global Facebook Group, or participating in Perth Arts Meetups.

But sometimes you just want to help more bespoke help, and that can come in the form of 1-2-1 mentoring or VIP Intensives (that’s where I do a lot of the work for you).

I’m not taking many 1-2-1 clients, but if you are interested, then please drop me an email at: I charge $200 for the initial 90 min session, and $120 per hour there-after. Whether that’s face-to-face or over Skype etc.