Following on from the exciting topic of List Building, we now really need to dig a bit deeper into what happens once someone actually opts into your list. From this point on you will want to regularly communicate with your audience via your Email Marketing program, and send them weekly high value up-dates.

So let’s get straight into how to build your tribe with email marketing.

Email Marketing Basics For Artists – The 12 things you need to know to get great results:

In no particular order…as they are ALL just as important as each other!

  1. It’s all about building relationships.

People buy from people they know, like and trust – it’s as simple as that. If you made a new friend you would want to stay in touch with them regularly – so why would you treat your potential customers differently? Especially in the Art World, as a lot of people like to ‘collect’ from one or two artists they like.

  1. Write as though you are talking to just one person.

Your email needs to appeal to the person reading it, so imagine you are writing to your best friend. Make sure you are ‘personalizing’ the email too: Hi [First Name] – using the tags provided with all email marketing programs (see my recommendation at the end).

  1. Use stories to get your message across.

People love a good story, so if you can take them on a short journey, starting from a time and place. Then walking them through things you have learnt from (mistakes made whilst firing your pot, new paints experimented with, or accidents in the studio etc.), right up to where they can find out more. Or even buy your completed piece.

  1. The more emails you send – the more money you will make.

Don’t be afraid to stay in contact regularly. In fact studies have been done and it’s been proven that sending more emails leads to more sales.

After all if somebody were interested in your process, would at some point maybe buy something, or wants to learn from you – they will soon lose interest if you never email them.

By mailing consistently with interesting, topical or funny anecdotes, and of course some Special Offer, you stay in the minds of your target audience. Then when they are looking for something it’s you they will come to.

  1. Don’t be afraid of the ‘unsubscribes’.

This is a massive ‘out of comfort zone’ experience for most people; but realize that you really do want to create a marmite experience of those that love your work, and those that don’t. If you are following the building relationships, being real, telling stories and only offering a link as your ‘sales’ then I can promise you will get better and better results.

  1. It’s all in the subject line.

A subject line has only one purpose: To get the reader to open your email – and that’s just step one. After that they need a reason to stay (see tip 3). Think outside of the box here; use every day things, funny references and topical events, or things like movie titles with the odd word changed! Example: ‘Raiders of the lost arts’… Please refrain from stating the obvious (“My Monthly Newsletter” or “This weeks offer”) – as this is the fastest way to the ‘delete’ button.

  1. Use permission based email providers.

The only thing to remember here is that you must use a professional email marketing provider (such as GetResponse, Aweber, Constant Contact or Mail Chimp), as it’s against the data protection laws to bulk mail to people from your Google Mail or the like.

They must be able to ‘opt out’ or ‘unsubscribe’, even if they gave their permission at first; people have the right to change their mind – and some of them will do of course.

  1. Have a link to click on every email.

When writing your emails you want people to get in the habit of clicking on your links, so offer them something on every email. Whether it’s a blog, video, Instagram post, Pinterest board, or (preferably) a link to your latest work on an online gallery platform or shop. Get good at this and you can make thousands on one well-crafted email. 🙂

  1. Be consistent.

This is something that the best of us can sometimes struggle with; life gets in the way and you find a week or so has drifted past. Well, get over it and move on…ideally plan out (use your Artists Marketing Plan) and schedule at least one week in advance. Or make it part of your daily discipline to write your marketing email at the start of the day.

  1. Plan out and schedule.

I find using a spreadsheet to work out the running order of my emails is vital. I have column for date, subject line, overall theme, link, opens, clicks, time of date sent – but you can make it to work for you of course.

Then write out your emails on a word doc, and copy and paste into your email provider. Once mastered this is an easy thing to accomplish and actually takes very little time at all.

  1. Use mobile friendly plain text templates.

Most email marketing providers have these now anyway, but it’s worth checking when you sign up. I always go for the plain template, and insert my own header (create on PicMonkey or Canva) then type in the main body. You have to think of those of us who open our emails on phones and tablets – over 60% of people now open that way – so make it easy for people to read!

  1. Use short lines.

This is something I learned a couple of years ago that most people skim emails so only having 5 to 10 words a line max thus having a long but narrow email, is easy to read down quickly. People’s habits are changing, everything is at a faster pace – so make sure you keep up with all of this.

There are of course many more advanced strategies to email marketing – but implementing these 12 steps will certainly change your engagement and build up your tribe of loyal followers faster!

My recommendation after years of using over 5 different email marketing solutions is: GetResponse – it’s user friendly, quick to set up and has a very high delivery rate.

Happy emailing!

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