Let’s face it, no matter what kind of artist, creator, painter, sculptor, photographer, writer or designer you are – the very last thing you want to spend your time doing is marketing. That’s why I am writing all about Effective Marketing For Creatives in today’s article, in the hope I can inspire you to see that this can also be immense fun. And will make the different between you experiencing failure or becoming a massive success.

Here Are My Simple Effective Marketing Basics: Ask Yourselves:

  1. Exactly who is your target market?
  2. How does your product or service benefit them?
  3. What are your product price-points?
  4. How will they find about you and your offerings?

Marketing for creatives is really not that much different to any other business in fact. And yes if you are selling to make a profit, then you are a professional artist; so marketing is going to be your life-blood. (See: The Top 7 Mistakes Artists Make When Going Professional).

Here we can go a bit deeper…

One: Exactly Who Is Your Target Market?

If your answer here is ‘anyone’, then you are doomed. Doomed to have a really bad experience. You are likely going to do what I call ‘marketing splatter’, the very worst kind of marketing. You’ll waste hours of your time, possibly hundreds or thousands of dollars, and still not get the results you want. Trying lots of different random things hoping something will ‘stick’.

Instead of simply getting smart, strategic and streamlined – I hope you like all the ‘s’s I’ve used here.

Example: In this side of my own business, the market I am in is also ‘business’ and more specifically ‘marketing’; and here on this blog I am aiming all the content at creatives and more specifically fine artists. That means my target market are professional artists. So all my marketing messages are aimed just at them (or you…).

So, who is your ideal target market?

Two: How Does Your Product Or Service Benefit Them?

This is where most people get stuck. If you are a painter you may wonder how this section relates to you right? Well if you think about it, there are many different benefits to buying a piece of art:

Your chosen target market, or ideal customer might agree with any of the following:

  • For some collecting original art is not only highly satisfying personally it is also a future financial investment.
  • Having beautiful artwork in the home can dramatically lift the energy, wellbeing and spirits of the homeowner. (As well as match the design of the house…not my favourite).
  • For the commercial premises, having art on the walls brings a certain look, feel and professionalism to any building. (Think about boutique hotels, restaurants or your solicitors’ office).
  • Think about retirement homes, hospitals, or hospices and you realise that having beautiful, restful and calming artwork can make all the difference there too.

Do you see how this works? What about the benefits for your customers, can you list them out? 

Three: What Are Your Product Price-Points?

Understanding that how you price your products and services is key to a successful business is only half the battle with effective marketing.

Making sure that your chosen target market also has the financial budget is the second part. There must be a 100% fit here of course. So don’t produce enormous high-priced work for hospitals that have a limited budget, for example.

Pricing your work is a large topic amongst the creative businesses, so will be featured more in a forth-coming blog.

Four: How Will They Find About You And Your Offerings?

This is the real centre of marketing for creatives now. You have done the previous three points, the groundwork, but how will people actually find you?

In my blog: ’35 Ways To Market Your Art Business’, I go through lots of different options. You will need to choose 3-5 good strategies and implement these daily.

This is where the discipline comes in and most people leave for the studio!

For you to be highly effective you must carve out a set time each day; get your blog or guest blog written, send out your weekly email, post on Social Media, interact with others in your market, create videos, go networking, do some live-stream, or whatever your strategy is going to be.

Your main aim? To provide value to your customers, potential customers as well as those who just stumble onto a random Twitter tweet and find out about you.

Build a community of engaged followers and you will be streets ahead of others around you.

Start creating your next piece of artwork, build excitement on Instagram, and when you post your completed image get flooded with people wanting to buy. Sounds good? Then effective marketing for creatives is where you start; get the basics done and you will be amazed at the results you can get.