get started on social media

How To Get Started On Social Media As An Artist

So how do you get started on Social Media as an artist without it taking over your life completely? What Social Media accounts should you have and what could be avoided? How will you manage these going forwards? If you are anything like me, you’d rather be creating or making and not spending hours of the

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working from home

Working From Home: 20 Hot Tips For Artists

The concept of working from home has become extremely popular over the past few years. *But now in these challenging times of the COVID-19 virus, when so many more people have lost their jobs, are being forced to work from home, when they wouldn’t normally, the world is shifting.  And for artists, working from home

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Future proof your art business

How To Future-Proof Your Art Business In 2020

So how do you future-proof your art business? When you set out to be an ‘artpreneur’ or ‘art business owner’ or just a ‘practising artist’, I don’t suppose you thought too much about a massive life-changing, global crisis happening in your life-time. I know I didn’t. The fact is, at the time of writing that’s

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Artists Marketing Plan

Artists Marketing Plan To Sell More Artwork

Unfortunately the words Artist’s Marketing Plan just don’t roll off the tongue of most artists and creatives that I know. It’s usually the subject that gets buried deep in the bowels of ‘must do that one day’… However, by following not these strategies you are losing out on building the Art Business of your dreams.

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