On December 23rd I had my bag stolen from Perth train station, here in Western Australia. In there was 95% of my life as a Digital Nomad. Luckily my Mac Air was still at my accommodation.

What happens when you have your Passport, Driving Licence, Ipad, IPod, Camera, Phone, Mobile Wi-Fi, Chargers, Wallet, Credit/Debit cards, Cash and more taken from you?

Everything went very silent and in that moment a cool chill went down my spine as I started to think about the impending flight I had back to Thailand; the visa I still needed and how on earth this was going to even get looked at over the Christmas and New Year period. You think of those little ‘special photos’ or memory travel things you had tucked in your purse.

As I write this, I am just under the 4 weeks mark, and 2 interesting and amazing things have now happened.

The first is, thanks to an incredibly incompetent Barclays Bank, and 2 major mistakes on their part, I still have no new debit cards for my 2 business accounts, and no way to access my money or pay for anything.

Barclays also seem to lack the words “I’m so sorry madam that you have been stranded alone in Australia with no money”… “Let’s see how we can help you”!

The second and much more important thing is that when life events like this happen, they often happen for a reason. I just wasn’t clear until a week later, exactly what that was. Until I was introduced to someone amazing, who right now is (apart from my daughters of course) the centre of my world.

So I tore up my flight, am staying in Australia for now, and just loving my life and business. I get to hang out with both my beautiful daughters, soak up the sunshine on the beaches and maybe even just fall a little bit…


How I'm Loving Life & Business From Australia | Sophie Mahir

Now I’m also such a strong believer that you can build a fully location independent business from anywhere, that it’s just a case of finding nice places to work from. My previous experience of working from Australia was not great in the internet area and I was dubious how things would go this time.

So what are the great things about working from Perth, Australia?

Well, there are plenty of gorgeous cafes to sit in, eat in and be social in. If you can go outside of peak times, buy food and drink, then you can work there for a couple of hours internet free. This really keeps you focussed on your main tasks. Like writing sales copy, marketing emails, Social Media posts, and especially blog articles. Then you need somewhere that has solid internet to get your online tasks done.

I am lucky enough to be staying where there is some wifi; also working from an office space (which is fairly easy to find) when I need to create, edit and up-load Webinars, Training Modules etc. Then sitting where my daughters work on the very popular Mary Street Bakery on Beaufort Street.

So you split your tasks into three categories:

  1. Offline writing tasks, like the blogs, and copy.
  2. Video creation, editing or up-loading.
  3. General internet tasks, emails, Social Media.

The downsides of working remotely from Perth, Australia?

Not being able to move around the cafes and access good internet on the go is probably the biggest. In Thailand this is super simple and I’d begun to take it for granted.

Not having a community of other Digital Nomads to hang out with – or if they are here I haven’t found them!

Then of course, our favourite, only being able to stay here on 3-month visitor visas!

What about accommodation? Well, again I’m very lucky as I’m staying with my daughters. Otherwise there are some AirBnB options, as well as finding a house-share on Gumtree, or even a 3-month let in the city.

Lastly, what do I miss from that ‘goldmine’ bag? My mobile wifi I had through TepWireless. Right now that would be a life-changer as I could sit and work anywhere; fingers crossed I can get that replaced. Otherwise I’ll be giving Telstra lots of money for a mobile dongle!

Life is good if you let it in.

Ask yourself what you could be more open to this year. I highly recommend it.