What is the Artists Marketing Academy?

The Artists Marketing Academy, or AMA as it’s now fondly known, is first and foremost simply the name of my business. It organically grew out of a need to provide Business, Marketing & Social Media workshops for artists; both here in Perth (where I now live) and online to a global audience. Now it has grown into an online and offline learning platform for all artists and creatives.

As a professional artist myself, I am only too aware of the need for support where building a successful art business is concerned. Also as a qualified and experienced Business Coach and an Entrepreneur I also have the skills to assist.

Although named an ‘Academy’ there is no membership as such at this point, although that may happen further down the line.

Who exactly is the AMA right for?

The AMA is aimed at all artists and creatives, around the world, who want to set up and grow a profitable art business they can live off. Although as a practicing painter myself, I often tend to niche towards the 2D/3D field, don’t be put off it you are a maker, writer, dancer, etc.

What does the AMA offer?

Apart from the resources here on the website; Free E-Book, Blogs, Facebook Group, and Videos on my YouTube Channel…

If you are here in Perth, Australia, the AMA offers: 

  • Perth Arts Monthly Meetings via Meet-up.
  • Perth Arts Facebook Group.
  • Free Talks offered to community groups.
  • Mini Mastermind 2 hour trainings.
  • One-Day Workshops.
  • 1-2-1 Art Marketing Mentoring & Coaching.
  • VIP Intensive Days.

If you are anywhere else in the world, the AMA offers:

  • Online Training Courses, coming in 2019.
  • 1-2-1 Art Marketing Mentoring & Coaching, via Skype/Zoom etc.

What are the benefits of working with the AMA?

  • Gain the confidence to build the life you’ve always dreamt of.
  • Learn the business skills that will set you up for success.
  • Discover a community of other artists and creatives who are at the same place.
  • Be supported as you get to grips with the technical side.
  • Get inspired by someone who has a foot (and experience) in both sides; the art and business worlds.

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