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Artists: Instagram Strategy for 2023 – My 5 top tips for this year

So, what’s your artist’s Instagram strategy for 2023?

Perhaps it’s no strategy, just winging it? Hoping that posting randomly will have some results. 

Well, I’ve got news for you, yes it will provide you with results –  just likely not the results you are actually looking for!

Did you want growth, engagement, leads or sales as a result of your artist’s Instagram strategy this year? If so, then in this blog I have 5 top tips that you’ll want to take immediate action on, if you want some positive change.

Before you begin your art marketing strategy for Instagram:

I just want to remind you (in case you’ve temporarily forgotten) that you only want to use this platform if you’ve discovered that your target market is there. Otherwise, maybe there’s a better place you could be focussing your attention.

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Here’s Your Artist’s Instagram Strategy For 2023:


1. Get clear on your Instagram GOAL.

Most people flounder about on Social Media without realising in order to gain maximum return on your time invested, you must have a clear goal and strategy of how you intend to take action on this.

Your possible goals will be:

  • To grow your audience with more followers.
  • To gain leads to your mailing list.
  • To sell your artwork or art services.
  • To build your engagement on the platform.


2. Create a consistent content PLAN.


Once you are clear on your goal, you’ll want to choose what type of content to post and how often.
Ie. Images, carousels, reels, stories etc.

Then you need to plan out content that will appeal to your AUDIENCE. If you’re not sure who they are, then I have a great tool you’re going to love.

It’s your FREE Ideal Customer Avatar profile download make sure to grab yours now.

Once you are clear on who you are speaking to, it’s much easier to create content your audience will love.


3. Get added benefits from SEO.


Although Instagram isn’t (yet) a search engine; so you can’t type in: “how to start painting with watercolors” and get specific results; the various Instagram algorithms do understand the keywords you’ve used and will categorise your content accordingly.

So, first up do some research and gather a good list of possible keywords you can use and keep them safe on a note or spreadsheet.

Then, you can pop your keywords in these places to help you get found:

  • Your username
  • Your display name
  • Your bio
  • Your post descriptions
  • Your chosen hashtags


4. Stay focused and take ACTION.


OK, so it’s one thing to have a goal, a plan to create great content your audience will love, and how often you’ll be posting this…

AND it is a whole other thing to actually stick to it!

If you’ve said your goal is to sell your artwork or art services, but all you are posting is random studio shots, material in action or videos of you working, this isn’t taking action on your GOAL.

For Example:

  • You’d want to firstly establish your authority; by creating a pinned post talking about you as an artist, your credibility etc.
  • Next you want to post about your products with clear Call To Actions  (CTAs) on where they can buy things.
  • You could use the Highlights to categorise what you have for sale; Originals, Prints, Products, etc.


5. Be prepared to make CHANGES.


Lastly, love Instagram as we do, it’s always changing. So you want to stay on top of what’s happening. Follow the instagram main account or read their blog to stay up-dated.

It can be annoying when you have your Artists Instagram Strategy all worked out, but there’s nothing worse than wasting your precious time – so if that means making a big change, just do it and move onwards.


I hope you’ve loved this blog (or video if you choose that option).

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