Are you an Artist wondering exactly How To Set Up Your Facebook Business Page?

This blog is for all you lovely fellow Artists & Creatives out there, who really want to build a successful Art Business.

As artists and creatives, it’s essential to be using Social Media these days. No doubt about that. But not everyone knows exactly how to set up your Facebook Business Page correctly. So, in this blog I will cover what you need to do to get started right now.

I often get asked about the current state of Facebook. Should you be investing time on a Facebook Page or not?

The fact is that there have been many changes from January 2018, most of which are aimed at having ‘more meaningful personal interactions’. You’ve probably noticed that you see more of your Friends activity? Facebook actively encourages any such behaviour – discussions between commenters, rather than business promotions.

This means that your Facebook Business Page (not your Profile), has about a 2-6% chance of being seen. Unless you pay to be seen via Facebook Ads; which I actively encourage.

Artists How To Set Up Your Facebook Business Page

Let’s get stuck in with How To Set Up Your Facebook Business Page:

1: Set Up Your Facebook Personal Profile.

If you don’t even have a Facebook Account, you’ll sign up and this is your Profile. It’s where people can connect with you as ‘friends’, but not where you can promote your business activity.

(I still see people setting up Profiles as Business Pages – this is against Facebook rules, so please don’t do it).

Once you have your Facebook Profile fully filled out, you can go ahead and ‘create a page’.

2: Create Your Artists Business Page.

Now go to your settings button – very top right-hand corner (a tiny upside down triangle symbol) and click on ‘create a page’.

You now have 2 choices. You can choose ‘Business or Brand’; or ‘Community or Public Figure’. If you have a more physical business, where the address will be useful then choose the first option. Otherwise I would use the second one.

Once you click on ‘get started’ you’ll need to choose your Page Name*. Then you can type in a category and suggestions pop up.

*I always suggest simply using Your Name and keep this the same across ALL your Social Media Platforms.

You can also use your name plus ‘Art’ or ‘Sculpture’ etc. Only use a Business Name if you are setting up as a Business (you have this registered etc.).

For example I have:

  • SophieMahir – this is my original Page, where I now share travel photos and how to create the life you want.
  • SophieMahirArt – obviously this is my Art Business.
  • ArtistsMarketingAcademy – and this is for my second business, which runs separately.

Don’t worry as nothing will be published until you say so, therefore you can click to and fro till you get it how you want it.

3: Have All Your Information Ready.

This makes things super simple, if you have the following all ready to go:

  • Your professional Head Shot.
  • A business Graphic for your Facebook Page Timeline image. You can easily create one here on Canva, using their templates.
  • Your ‘About’ words. Here you can give an over-view of what you do, how you work, your statement, and anything else relevant. You’ll have a couple of places you can use this.
  • Your website and other Social Media links.
  • Images, any product details (like artwork for sale you can list under ‘shop’), any workshop details (anything you can list under ‘services’).

4: Edit Your Facebook Page Via Settings.

As you go through each step, add in the relevant images and information, or enough to get you to the page. Don’t panic as it won’t be seen until you ‘Publish’ it.

Now, go to ‘Setting’s up in the top right-hand corner. On the left, go down two to ‘Edit Page’. Here you will see Templates and Tabs. I use the default one, and have added all the Tabs.

The Tabs run down the left side of your Page and it’s where people will click to find out more about specifics. You must see this as a website, and treat it as such, with time, commitment and creativity.

Go ahead and fill as much out as you can. I also highly recommend clicking down everything under Settings as this will inform you where everything is exactly.

Lastly for now, you want to use either that Timeline Image or the Tab below it to lead people to your Freebie, latest Offer, or Group (if you run one). Set up a Call 2 Action here, so you can always be List Building.

Back on your page, I would also post a few pictures or videos, just to provide some initial content.

5: Check Through And Publish.

Now go though everything and when you are happy (but don’t let that perfectionist stop you), hit ‘Publish’.

6: Promote Your Facebook Business Page.

OK so you’ve invested hours to get this looking wonderful, so now what?

It’s a fact that to really get some traction you’ll need to pay. But first here are a few things you can do to get started:

  • Invite all your Facebook Friends to like your page. You’ll see a helpful ‘Page Tips’ on the right, so go through those.
  • Now you have this page, make sure it’s linked to your Instagram account. When you post on Instagram, share it to your Facebook Page too.
  • If you are in any Groups where you share pages, then do this there.

Make sure you add it under your ‘Intro’ section on your Profile, as ‘work’. You’ll see all mine added there.

Now you should have some traction, make sure you post really great content regularly. Then it’s time to consider paying to get your Page seen, or actively build your Mailing List.

So, there’s How To Set Up Your Facebook Business Page. Next look out for the next blog all about setting up some simple Facebook Ads.