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Artists: How to Repurpose Your Art Marketing Content

Constantly having to create fresh content for your audience is very time-consuming…
What if I told you there was another way? That the content part of marketing your art could be much simpler, and faster too?

Want to know how to make 20 pieces of art marketing content out of just one?

In this blog, I’m going to share how to repurpose your art marketing content and yes make 20 new pieces of content out of one!
(Crazy I know, but I think you’re going to love it…)

OK so let’s talk about ‘repurposing’ your art marketing content…


What does that actually mean? So imagine you write a blog about your latest painting collection, or a ‘how to’ topic related to workshops and classes you teach…

So, this would be your original piece of content and from there you can now do any or all of the following (and SO much more):


  • Make a YouTube video talking about the blog – You can also do this the other way round like I do, just as you can see here.
  • Create a simple YouTube Short – Like a teaser/trailer for the main video.
  • Create an Instagram Reel from the YouTube short – Be careful not to do this the other way around, as you’ll have the Instagram logo on your video and YouTube doesn’t like this too much.
  • Create an Instagram Image post – A graphic representation of/about the blog.
  • Re-size this post for your Facebook Page – You don’t have to, but it’ll look best if you do. 
  • Create an Instagram Carousel post – Highlighting teaching points or main bullets of your blog or video.
  • Re-size and choose the best four images for your Facebook Page – Or choose their new feature of image layouts to make it display the way you’d like.
  • Publish the blog as an article on LinkedIn.
  • Go live on Instagram or Facebook talking about the blog.
  • Take a quote from the blog and create an Instagram post around this.


Then make 10 x Pinterest Pins from the blog content to make your 20 art marketing content posts.


  • 3 x pins advertising the blog – using different images/text.
  • 3 x pins with highlights from the carousel – different images/text.
  • 2 x pins for the YouTube video.
  • Create an Idea Pin from image/video footage you already have.
  • Create a pin from your quote image.

And that’s just the start really! In this way you can make one piece of core content from your art marketing content last a couple of weeks or more.


Of course, it goes without saying that you’ll also be writing an email to your list about the Blog or YouTube video you just made…That’s not on this list, as it’s a marketing strategy but isn’t repurposing anything.

If you’d like more help with building your list or email marketing, check out these resources:



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