Have you ever wondered if or how you can benefit from Facebook Groups as an artist? Or are they simply just another distraction keeping you away from what really matters?

Do you see posts from people proclaiming that Facebook Groups will help you make money?

Well, I’ve participated in, and run a few of my own Facebook Group over the last few years and I thought I’d share some do’s and don’ts. I’ll also share tips for getting the most out of other people’s groups as well as how to successfully set your own up.

Let’s jump on in…

First, let me clear one thing up for you: You won’t make Money FROM a Facebook Group.

You can, however use it as a marketing tool. You can build a tribe (community/group – take you word pick here) of loving, loyal fans who just can’t wait to get more content from you.

Then you can take this off Facebook onto your (guess what), email marketing list.

Artists: How To Benefit From Facebook Groups | Facebook

Artists: How To Benefit From Facebook Groups:

What are Facebook Groups for:

Facebook groups are set up for a collection of people to keep in contact online, like a forum.  They can be used for networking, sharing or learning about a specific topic. They are often local to an area as well. When I had a full-time Coaching Business, I had one just for my customers; this is very common practice now.

I run a Perth Arts members only group, as well as an Artists Marketing Academy Insiders one for customers.

Here’s where a Facebook Group Works really well:

  • If you run Art Workshops, Courses or work 1-2-1.
  • If you run a Meetup Grou por other local group.
  • Or if you want to grow a lrage group of people who cna be inspired by what you do.

How to you set one up:

Jump over to you Facebook, where there are a couple of easy places you can start your own group:

1: Go here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ and click on ‘create group’ in the top right-hand corner.

OR If you have an Art Business Page, then scroll down a bit and on the left in your Tabs, see ‘Groups’. (Now you may not have that added, so if not, go to your Settings and enable ‘Groups’. Here you can add/link an existing relevent Facebook Group, or set up a new one.

2: Fill out the Name, add some people, and then choose the settings of your group:

Public – Anyone can see the group, it’s members and their posts.

Closed – Anyone can find the group and see who’s in it. Only members can see posts. (Great for your growth group).

Secret – Only members can find the group and see the posts. (Great as a customer group).

3: Add the branding to your group. Now add your large timeline graphic, (you can create one on Canva.com) your description and your rules etc.

How to really benefit from your facebook Group:

Like all good business marketing strategies, this will take a time investment on your part. You will need to be active in your group daily, or have an admin who is part of your team.

Here’s what I recommend:

  • Be very clear on your strategy for setting up a group.
  • Have some clear Rules set up and make sure everyone abides by them.
  • Pin a Welcome Message for new members to read when they join.
  • Have 3 Entry Questions, before you allow people in.
  • Create Themed Days to keep the engagement.
  • Most importantly, do regular Live Video’s in your group.
  • Encourage Engagement among fellow members.
  • Ask them what they would like more of and how you can help.

What about joining some other groups?

This is what I always say: Don’t behave in Facebook Groups any different to what you would do in a real networking environment. For example, would you turn up and throw your business cards into the room and leave? Well that’s what so many people do in Facebook Groups. Don’t post and leave.

Make sure you add value to the other members; like, comment with helpful comments and amide by the rules. It’s a great place to make new friends as well.

What Facebook Groups should you join?

There are two reasons I suggest joining a group.

1: Join a group of likeminded people for support.

2: Find groups that have your Target Market in them and network.

Try limiting the number you join to 5 to 10 max, as you’ll find you just don’t have the time to really benefit.

Well, there you have it: How To Benefit From Facebook Groups in a nutshell. I hope you’ve found this useful; please let me know your experience too.