Did you know you can build a great following, sell your artwork, and be found as a search result on Google – all from your Pinterest account?

Do you already have an active Pinterest account that you use regularly, or do you need to know how to get started from the beginning? Not to worry as I’m going to break it down to basics, so you can get up and running in no time.

For those of you not so familiar with Pinterest, it is comprised of Boards (where you can group things together) that you set up with a title, description and cover image (optional). And Pins where you share pictures, infographics and videos that are either of your own creation or other peoples’ content that you love.

Let’s get stuck into the basics…

The 3 Simple Steps To Get Started On Pinterest:

Step One: Set up your Pinterest Business Account:

Go to pinterest.com now and sign up, clicking below the basic details, where it says “Business Account” in small writing. Then choose your Business Name (this will appear as a heading on your page) and your “Username” (which is the url name). Then fill out a simple bio, upload a profile picture and link your website. Choose some basic topics to follow (you can change these later), as these will determine the pins you start to see on your home feed.

Step Two: Set up some Boards:

Next think about what topics would most benefit your target audience and create 5 – 10 boards with each topic as a title. Try to think about what people would be looking for when you do this. For example rather than titling a board ‘Art’, try something like: ‘Oil Abstract Art’, or ‘How To Paint With Oils. You get the idea. Then write a short description for each board, add in some #hashtags (based on your keywords) as well to highlight what the board is about. For example: #art #abstract #oilpainting.

Step Three: Now you need to add Pins:

As I already mentioned there are two main types of pinning activity. One is to re-pin of other people’s content (which is a great getting started strategy, as well as relationship building), and then creating your own Pins to pin.

You can start out with the home feed and look for great content there, make sure you read the article you are re-pinning, and credit where it has come from. Next using PicMonkey (or other free image editing software) create some of your own content Pins with links back to your blogs, pages, or images on your website. If you are posting images of your original artwork, you might want to add a watermark to them as well.

It’s mainly on the Pins that you can create some momentum with being found on Google. For each unique Pin you add (note you can only do this with your own content, you can’t change other people’s descriptions), add a keyword rich description, including #hashtags, and make sure the title also contains your keywords.

As a creator I love the platform of Pinterest, and could easily get sucked in for hours at a time. Remember you are also creating your brand here, so take some time to get it looking great as well. Think about the colours you are using and any fonts as well.

Then allocate some time each day to create and post new pins, as well as re-pinning things you like. See my post on Getting Started On Social Media for tips on managing this in just 15 minutes per day.

Next you will need to build up followers of course, as well as gain engagement and create momentum. (Look out for further blogs on taking your Pinterest to the next level).

Ultimately this is a Social Media platform; so don’t forget to be social!

Go ahead and set up your Pinterest account today and don’t forget to follow me too. Leave a comment below saying you’ve followed me, and I will make sure to follow you back.

Happy pinning.

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