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Artist’s Facebook Marketing Strategy For 2023 – How to bring your Facebook Page back to life

Are you looking to take your Artist’s Facebook Page marketing strategy to the next level this year? If so, then I have just the perfect blog for you.

For some time now Facebook Pages have been pretty much dead and buried as far as getting any great marketing results is concerned. With less than 6% of your Page Followers actually seeing some of your content.

You had to pay for Facebook Ads and this meant that building an audience on Facebook would be virtually impossible for artists just starting out, or those with no marketing budget.

So, if you’ve worked out that your ideal audience is on Facebook and you’d like to focus on this as your core Social Media marketing strategy this year, then I think you’ll love this blog.

(Or video if you decide to watch this over on my YouTube channel).

I’m going to share 5 things you can do to gain more reach, target followers and ultimately art sales, from your Facebook Page.

Here’s your Artist’s Facebook Strategy For 2023:


1. Work out what is and what isn’t working, first.


  • This might sound obvious! But that’s’ because it is.
  • First up, take a look at your Facebook Page insights and see which type of post is and isn’t working. 
  • You’ll want to stop what isn’t working right away.
  • Then focus on what is. Or if you’re not quite sure yet…
  • Try experimenting for 30 days and see what IS getting engagement.
  • Remember you can use images, video, and text – using a  mixture is always good.


2. Focus on your ICA and create a content strategy for them.


  • As always you must focus on your audience first.
  • Think about what they want to learn or discover about you and your artwork or art services.
  • Are they looking for inspiration, to learn something new, behind-the-scenes stories, or perhaps to buy something?

Check out my previous blogs to help you dive a bit deeper into planning out and creating your content, and repurposing it to go further:


3. Get clear on your posting times.


  • There’s no point posting at 9am your time, if your audience is asleep then.
  • So work out the optimal time that works for your audience and use a scheduling tool to assist you.
  • You can use the Meta Business Suite on Facebook to schedule your posts ahead of time for free (although I’ve not found this so brilliant).
  • If you’re ready to get series with your Social Media scheduling I’d recommend Tailwind, which can post to Instgram, Pinterest and Facebook.


4. Posting out great content at least once a day.


  • Your posting frequency definitely matters too.
  • Generally, the more you can post, the more likely your posts will be seen and engaged with.
  • So ideally getting into a consistent posting routine of once a day, or even twice especially if you are wanting to gain some real traction!


5. Get your Reel game on!


  • Yes, at time of writing, Facebook has just brought out the Reels for your Facebook Page.
  • This is a really exciting opportunity to get your artwork or creative content in front of more people.
  • Just like on Instagram this content will be seen my non-followers as well as current followers, so a chance to grow your page.
  • Needless to say they are getting WAY more visibility than regular video, so if you want to attract a heap of new followers this is the way to go.

Here’s the thing about Facebook – Everything works.

You just have to figure out what works for you! That will include a heap of experimentation, trial and error, testing and testing some more.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this blog, look out for the next one all about Pinterest Tips for 2023…

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