Artist Marketing Workshops

I have put together a few key Artist Marketing Workshops because as a professional Fine Artist myself I am only too aware how challenging it can be to wear various ‘hat’s. When all you really want to do is paint, draw, write, create, dance, photograph, make your product or develop your services. I love nothing more than locking myself away in a studio space (had to be more creative as I’ve been travelling…) and focusing for as long as it takes, without other distractions.

Let’s get really clear though. If you want to make a success of selling your art, or build any type of art business and make a living doing what you love, you will have to wear all the ‘business’ hats involved to start with. As you grow things though, there is light at the end of the tunnel, and you can ‘Outsource’ a lot of those admin tasks.

Below are some of my more popular One-Day Artist Marketing Workshops that are currently in the diary to run in Perth, Australia. Please email me here if you’d like me to run these for your community in another part of Australia, or another country all together!. For example I am often home in the UK, so please do contact me if you’d like me to run something there.

I now run all my Workshops from my home in the Perth Hills; with places limited to 8 people. So you can enjoy a more intimate learning environment, get all your questions answered, and also enjoy my now famous home-made healthy lunch and refreshments all day.

They ALWAYS fill up, so make sure you have secured your place ASAP.

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Here is a current list of my One-Day Artist Marketing Workshops in Perth, WA.

(Bookings via the Perth Arts Meetup Group)

Ultimate Marketing For All Artists: Wed 7th Nov 2018   > Book Here

Instagram Marketing For All Artists: Wed 21st Nov 2018   > Book Here

List Building For All Artists: Sat 24th Nov 2018   > Book Here

Facebook Marketing For All Artists: Thurs 29th Nov 2018   > Book Here

Create Your Artists Business Plan: Thurs 6th Dec 2018   > Book Here

Further details to each Artist Marketing Workshop below…

Ultimate Marketing For All Artists:

On this exciting day discover exactly what you need to do to market yourself as an art business. You will learn how to work out who your ideal target market are; how to reach them quickly and effectively, and what marketing strategies will be best for your business. I’ll be sharing my secret winning 2-part formula which means you can successfully build your audience, as well make the sales you need for a profitable art business.

This workshop is suitable for total beginners, as well as those with some marketing knowledge. You will leave the day with an artists’ marketing plan and workbook that you can start using straight away.


Online Marketing For All Artists:

On this day you will discover how to grow your brand, attract your perfect customers, and then sell your art products and/or services – all by using online marketing (and sales) techniques.

I will guide you step-by-step through how to compile a simple ‘Sales Sequence’ that will enable you to grow a healthy Mailing List. You will discover how to easily create a ‘Freebie’ that your audience will love; how to get this onto your website or landing page; and how to outsource this if you are technically challenged!

Together we will have fun compiling actions for people to take right from when they first find out about you, right up to when some of them will become raving fans and loyal repeat customers.

Email Marketing For Total Beginners

In this workshop we will look at the ‘Big Picture’ of exactly where Email Marketing fits into your Art Business structure. You will learn how to communicate best with your Ideal Audience, the different types of emails you can send, where most people go wrong, and how not to fall into that trap.

I walk you through the 10 parts of a successful email, right from the importance of getting your ‘Subject Line’ right, (and what happens if you don’t) to how the ‘PS’ could make the difference that makes all the difference. You will discover some basics of ‘Copywriting’ and have the chance to do some creative writing yourself.

Don’t worry I will help you at every stage.

Facebook Marketing For Beginners

This workshop is going to take you on a fantastic, fun Facebook journey. Right from how to correctly set up and use your personal Profile; create and grow a business Page (including setting up your Shop); use the Events app to promote your work; utilise Groups, (including how to set up and manage your own Group); to how exactly can you use this to sell your products and/or services. I’ll even cover a little bit about using Ads.

As it says this is for beginners, so we will go slowly, step by step through all the basics, so you can leave the day feeling confident on how to use Facebook to build your presence, grow a fan-base and of course actually make money in your Art Business!

Social Media Success For All Artists

On this workshop we will dive into the wonders of Social Media just for artists and creatives. You’ll discover how to choose the right platform for you; how to put together a simple Content Plan and how to start managing this on just 30 mins a day.

We will dive a bit deeper into getting you get up on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. We’ll talk briefly about where and how LinkedIn, YouTube and other Social Media platforms could fit in for you. (All things Video comes as a separate workshop later).

Most importantly you will have a clear strategy on how to grow your Art Mailing List on Social Media and of course make those sales! Lastly, we touch on tools, resources and analytics. You will leave with a Workbook and brain buzzing.

Create Your Artists Business Plan

On this powerful day we work through the 7 Essential Areas to the perfect Artists Business Plan.

From honing in on your ‘big goal’, to cracking those finances, find your niche, pricing your work, discovering who your ideal audience is, developing your products and services, sales and marketing strategy… just to mention a few things.

We work out your own individual Business Model and how best to develop your plan working closely to that. You are encouraged to get a lot of the work done on the day, but you’ll still need to complete this at home afterwards. You’ll walk away with clarity, actionable steps, and peace of mind as to how you are going to make your Art Business work.

Fill Your Art Workshops & Courses

Do you already run, or would like run your own Art/Creative Workshops or maybe regular courses as part of your Art Business? Either online or offline? But have absolutely no idea how to get those all-important ‘bums on seats’?

Imagine learning a simple step-by-step solution so that you always fill your events! On this day discover the secrets of going from zero bookings to ‘fully booked’ using my ‘Ultimate Workshop Success Model’.

I’ll also be covering how to create the perfect content your participants will love, how to properly launch your events, how to retain your customers so they keep on buying, and how to turn this into a full-time income stream.

Ultimate Sales & Selling For All Artists

Do you dream of making a sustainable living from your Art or Creativity? But have fear, doubts, or just a lack of knowledge when it comes to pricing, asking for the sale, or communicating with a customer about buying something from you. Firstly, know you are not alone! As artists we mostly love nothing better than to create and then when it comes to the business, marketing and selling side it’s all too much.

On this day we’ll cover everything you need to know about turning a ‘Lead’ into a ‘Paying Customer’ to put real money in your bank account on a regular on-going basis. Right from developing a positive mind-set; to pricing for profit, understanding your business numbers, dealing with customers, negotiating, closing a sale, payment systems and so much more.

Leave knowing exactly how you will build your profitable Art Business.

Instagram Marketing For All Artists

Do you use (or would you like to use) Instagram for your creative or art business? But simply have no idea exactly where to get started, or how to get the most out of it?

On this exciting and creative day, I will walk you through everything you can and should be doing on Instagram; from correctly setting up your business account, to putting together an exciting content posting plan, creating branded engaging images, finding and using the right hash-tags, using video, gaining followers, selling your work and making money, growing your Mailing List, and of course using Instagram Stories.

This workshop is suitable for total beginners with no account, as well as those looking to increase their engagement and following.


Pinterest Marketing For All Artists

Do you use Pinterest to actively build your creative or art business? Would you like to, but have no idea how to use it? Or perhaps been active personally to collect inspiration? Either way if you would like to discover exactly how to maximise your time on Pinterest (rather than losing it…), then this workshop is just for you.

This art marketing workshop is perfect for you if you are either a service-based art business, or you sell small items online, for example on Etsy. It’s not so ideal for artists selling larger, high priced items, or more product-based local business. If you regularly share good high quality information for your audience, or want to generate more sales, then Pinterest is the place to be.

Get excited as we delve into Boards, Pins, Rich Pins, Promoted Pins, graphic creation and of course SEO. Yes, Pinterest is highly ‘searchable’ so there some ‘must do’ tips I will share to get your Pins found more easily. Suitable for total beginners of course.


Blogging Basics For All Artists

On this exciting Workshop, you will discover exactly how to construct the perfect blog article that will be a ‘must-read’ for your audience. You’ll learn how to make sure you are writing about the correct topic, how to write different styles of blog, and when to use them. How to get the viewers coming; how to make sure you are building your Artists Mailing List, as well as lots if tips and tricks to help you with basic Search Engine Optimisation, so you can be found for your blogs. Lastly, we’ll be looking at ways to promote your blog article after you’ve posted it of course.

Absolutely no experience is needed, as I’ll be guiding you through everything in simple bite-sized steps. We’ll also be doing some writing on the day, so come prepared to be creative!

List Building For All Artists

This workshop is integral to everything you should be doing to market your art business. If you are not building an email list, then you not building a business. This day walks you through everything you need to do to get legally set up, so you can start growing your numbers. We’ll cover what providers to choose from and why; what you need in place before you can start; some free strategies you can use to start growing your list. Then we’ll dive into how to rapidly grow your list and how make money after the fact.

Don’t panic if you are thinking this sounds techie, as I’ll be walking you through each step in easy to consume pieces. These workshops often come with dark chocolate too, as others have said this helps enormously!