Sophie Mahir

I'm Sophie.

Professional Artist, Art Business Coach,
Educator and Entrepreneur.

I left behind being a single parent on the benefit system, worked hard, got educated, stayed focused and made a heap of mistakes.15 years on I’ve put together my two passions Art & Business and now feel blessed every day.

My Journey

How I got to where I am today.

I’m not going to lie to you. I haven’t created all this in 12 months. It’s taken many years, different phases, ever-evolving businesses, thousands of dollars in mentoring and courses, till I was able to pull all my strings together and be totally ‘in flow’.

I was a single child, brought up in the country-side, who preferred time alone to being with others or joining in. I always felt like an outsider, hoping to find a place to fit in. Trying one community after another.

I followed in my parents’ footsteps and became a teacher, teaching art for 8 years in the UK. But I didn’t feel fulfilled being employed, as I wasn’t in charge of my own growth.
I quit my job and went all-in as a professional artist, which you can read more about on my Art Site (www.sophiemahirart.com); where I got to paint every day, exhibit in galleries, art fairs, solo shows, run open studios, organise an art trail, fulfil my goals and much more. 

I’d learnt a bit about business but had not really taken it too seriously and fairly soon I found myself burnt out and looking to experience something much easier and lighter. I put down my art.

The next years saw me diving deep into both personal and business courses and emerging having set up and running a successful Business Coaching Practice from my office in a business training centre on the South Coast of England.
The dollars were coming in, but I was still searching for fulfilment and complete happiness.

I knew I had to make a big decision and make a radical change if I was going to even get close to what I really wanted.

Sometimes life just gives you a nudge, and in 2013 I sold my house in the UK, packed up our belongings, filled a suitcase and headed for Melbourne. After 3 years living out of a suitcase, becoming part of the ‘Digital Nomad’ tribe in Asia, fate landed me back in Australia, in Perth this time and kept me there.

Having met a wonderful man and fallen in love I assessed my life. I quickly realised I could put together my passion for painting (which I took up again) and love of business and help my fellow artists with all the knowledge I had acquired during my coaching years.

Make The Change

It is never too late.

You don’t have to wait till you are retired or stay in a job you hate just to pay the mortgage. With so many options available to artists these days you really can build an art business any way you like. On your terms. 

I’d love to help you do just that.

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I Absolutely Love About My Life.


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