Hi I’m Sophie Mahir – Welcome to my site. Here’s a little bit about my background:

I am a professional Artist, and experienced Business Coach, and Trainer. I specialise in (and have a passion for) Marketing and Social Media, and am now working with fellow Artists & Creatives to enable them to build profitable businesses.

Author of the Free E-Book: ‘21 Ways To Make Money From Your Art’ and founder of Perth Arts | Business Development For All Artists – community group in Perth, WA, where I run a variety of Art Marketing, Business & Social Media Talks and Workshops.

I have spent over 10 years working with hundreds of business start-ups and small businesses, helping them gain the clarity, confidence and self -belief, as well all the practical business skills they need to set up in business and create their dream life-style.

Right from the pre-start stage of putting together a simple Business Plan and making that first sale. To using some of my advanced Marketing Strategies as well as my unique 3-Step Business Success Formula to enable them to grow From Hobby To Profitable Business in just 12 months or less.

Here I have combined all my previous skills, qualifications, and experience (Teacher, Fine Artist, Creative Businesses Owner, Coach, NLP and Hypnosis Practitioner) together with my love for all things personal & business development and am excited to offer a variety of Talks, Workshops, Training, Courses, VIP Days and 1-2-1 Coaching. Along-side my own artistic development and painting career.

I left behind my own successful coaching business, working from a large office in the UK; sold my house and spent 3 years as a ‘Digital Nomad’ running my business online from around the world. Now studying and living in Australia I have created my own dream life. I am lucky enough to study, paint, blog, train and inspires others every day. As I also have a passion for raw and vegan food, I often am creating recipes which you can find here too. (Hidden in the ‘Previous Blog articles).

Please do also connect with me on my Art Website too (and all my Social Media sites): www.sophiemahirart.com

Looking forward to meeting you soon – Sophie Mahir

What a fabulous wealth of information! Your energy is infectious and you are completely open to all questions! I highly recommend working with Sophie. Kelly Barker

Artist, Labyrinth Art