Inspired and started writing Blog Posts for your audience, but now not sure who to get the readership up? Now the writing is over, you need to promote your article in as many places as possible. How to market your art blog Post is an exciting topic and here I am just scraping the surface.

In this article, I share 7 simple ways to get you started with how to market your art blog. I would recommend choosing a few and get really consistent with that; then add in more.

7 Simple Ways To Market Your Art Blog Post

Let’s Get Stuck In With 7 Simple Ways To Market Your Art Blog Post:

1: Pin On Pinterest.

Pinterest is one of the very best marketing platforms for anyone who blogs. It’s become its’ own Search Engine; where people are looking for all sorts of information, inspiration and instruction. Once you have written your artists blog post, then create an image or two (I use Canva), which can be pinned across directly to Pinterest.

Hot Hip: You can also create a few images, and then post these to different boards, all with your artists blog post as the ‘url’.

2: Post To Your FB Page.

Another great way to market your art blog post is Facebook. Whilst we have to be aware that posting to your Facebook Page, won’t get you lots of eyes (particularly after the News Feed changes earlier this year), you still need content. Don’t ignore posting content to your Page, but rather focus on building higher quality content that will get your audience engaged. Then consider ‘boosting’ that content to be seen.

3: Post To Any Relevant FB Groups.

While you are on Facebook, find all the groups you are in, and see which ones would be most interested in the blog post you have written. Then make sure you are active in that group already, don’t just ‘post and leave’ – one of my pert hates!! Introduce your Blog Post and why they should read it etc. 

4: Promote With A Facebook Ad.

Of course the very best way to get your content seen is to pay. Set up your Facebook Ad account and create a graphic or video to promote your blog. Then run your ads for a week or 10 days ideally. Creating several ads to different audiences, and changing your headline for example, will give you more of a chance to ‘split-test’. So you will see how many people engages with one headline or graphic over another.

5: Tweet About It On Twitter.

Twitter is a great platform to share content, and especially information content, like a blog post. Make sure you tweet regularly, and then add your blogs into the mix. Use a relevant image, so people can see what it’s about quickly. Then add a couple of hash-tags around your subject matter.

Hot Tip: Make sure you are in the habit of scheduling posts, by using a scheduling took like Buffer. This is free to get started on, so you can save yourself a lot of time by planning ahead. 

6: Create A Short Intro Video On YouTube.

Why not create a very short ‘trailer’ video about what you will be sharing in your blog. Make it around 90 seconds to 3 minutes max. You can up-load direct to your YouTube channel, Facebook Page etc.

People love to see you on video as they feel the connection to you is much stronger.

7: Do A Live Video About Your Topic.

Of course right now, at this time of writing, Live Video is all the rage. It fast, easy and you don’t have to edit it, which I love. You can also go Live from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and of course Periscope, which is a live video platform.

Make sure you plan out exactly what you are going to say, speak clearly, don’t have any noise or distraction around you. Introduce yourself and run through your points, then don’t forget to tell people where to go to read your blog post.

BONUS TIP: Of course the main thing you want to offer once people have read your artists blog post, is to join your Mailing List or Community. Once you have built this up a bit, then you will email out your blog post every time to your list.

There you have it – how to market your art blog post and get some vital views on your work. I really hope you decide to make this a marketing strategy to focus on for your art business.