Do you really want a healthy life and business? As well as excellent results in every are of your life?

But somehow you just aren’t prepared to put all the work in?

Harsh but true!

Each day you say you will ‘do better today’, and somehow the day slips by and you have achieved some tasks, but have not been the best you can be.

Your energy isn’t what it used to be (you put this down to age, children, marriage, working long hours, etc.), so you reach for that large cup of coffee depending on this as your ‘reviver’! Maybe some comfort biscuits to go with this; after all you are being productive right?

Or maybe you wake up tired, and hit the ‘snooze’ button a few times, before crawling downstairs in your pyjamas, open your email with your eyes half open and grab something to eat as you stagger about getting up and ‘ready for your day’.

You are far too busy then to do any exercise or prepare good quality meals, and other people just don’t understand exactly how BUSY you are!! You keep working till late to ‘get things done’, but of course never reach the bottom of ‘that list’.

STOPPPPPP!! Do you know anyone like this?

OK, well some of this used to be me, until I WOKE up and realised that I have total control of my life, my thoughts, outcomes, goals, how I live my life and the results I experience every day. So, why not create my life, love, health, energy & business exactly as I want?

The 7 Essential Steps To A Healthy Life & Business | Sophie Mahir

Here Are My Core 7 Steps To A Healthy Life & Business:

There is one thing that you need for living the very best life you can have and that is HIGH ENERGY. I discovered that energy comes by making a few changes to the way most of us live day to day. And not just for a few days, forever.

Let’s face it how you do one thing is how you do everything – so if you want to master your business results, make more money and be happy every day then you will need to master your energy first.

  1. Breathing – deep belly breathing so you are breathing in good air, and exhaling toxins. Ideally for 10 minutes 3 times a day.
  2. Hydrate – probably the single most important thing (apart from breathing) is to drink half your body weigh in ounces of water, or about 3 litres a day. Most people are completely dehydrated and this is the cause of so much ‘disease’ in the world today. Add lemon in the water and this makes it really easy to drink.
  3. Nourishment – with so much food (processed) choice these days, most people are also mostly putting acid into their bodies (coffee/sugar/vinegar/meat/dairy/alcohol etc.); so my choice was to change over to an Alkaline diet of greens, living foods, vegan and full of rich nourishment. Which means I have incredible energy every day.
  4. Movement – I don’t care how ‘busy’ you are if you don’t move your body how can you expect to be healthy and full of energy. Taking a 45 minute to one hour walk every day also gets you to breathe in the air, appreciate what is around you and gives you valuable thinking time. Make sure you warm up, cool walk at a rate that you can just hold a conversation, then cool down. Skipping, re-bounding are great – find a local class to go to.
  5. State – your emotional states are probably determining all your results right now. ‘I feel tired, depressed, fed up, angry’ or ‘I feel energised, alive, excited, wealthy, grateful, happy’… The good news is that you control these, and with practice can change them immediately. Don’t do any work without first getting into an awesome positive state, feel it in your body, see it, breathe it. Maintain it throughout the day.
  6. Mind-set – your values, beliefs, language are also amongst the things you control and can change. Ask yourself what is most important to you, and what beliefs you hold.
  7. Discipline – lastly, but by no means least developing a daily routine where you put all of this into practice.

Now this is just a basic outline, and each area can be explored deeply of course, but I hope that you’ve at least been inspired to find out more, make change and head for an energetic healthy life & business every day.

Just imagine for a moment that you have done just that and your business is an enormous success, you’ve achieved your goals and every days just flows as you have so much energy. What will that mean for the rest of your life?

Here’s to your health, wealth and happiness.


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