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7 Art Marketing Strategies To Use In 2023

Well you probably know by now that I love talking about ‘art marketing strategies’ in general – so this video: 7 art marketing strategies to use this year, won’t come as a surprise…

However, I’ve gone a bit deeper (and possibly more advanced) with the content in today’s video. 

Don’t panic if you are right at the beginning of your journey with art marketing, I have a ton of resources ready to help you out.

Including my brand new ONLINE LIVE WORKSHOP: Art Marketing 101 which is for beginners or those who aren’t currently getting the results they want from their marketing. 

This workshop gives you a solid base for your marketing and covers:

  • The foundations of effective marketing.
  • Defining your ideal audience.
  • Key marketing strategies and tactics.
  • Your core content & routine.
  • Completing your marketing plan.
  • Creating Your Weekly Routine.

You will leave with a completed marketing plan and weekly routine that you can start using straight away to make consistent sales; so that you can start to build a sustainable, enjoyable, and profitable art business doing what you love.

NB: If you’re watching this after the 16th February 2023 (when I will be running this class live), I have the workshop recordings available for you to purchase as a product from my website – check the link on screen and below the video.

OK Let’s talk ‘marketing’…

7 Art Marketing Strategies To Use in 2023:


Here are some things to consider as you plan your marketing for the rest of the year… (Definitely not everything).

Of course, we live in an ever-changing world here, with new trends and marketing shifts happening all the time… and my job is to provide you with the most practical strategies we can use as artists. So I’ve included some of those too.

1. Focus on building your customer list.

I really couldn’t start any video on marketing and not talk about building your mailing list.

This should be your number one marketing goal; the size of your list this year.

If you haven’t got this set up yet, check out my video: Artists: Why You Must Have An Email List to get started.

I also have one on how to grow your list once it’s set up…Plus a FREE CHALLENGE to help you too.

2. Influencer Marketing

What do I mean by this?

Working with ‘micro influencers’ on platforms like IG & Tik Tok.
A micro influencer might have just a few thousand followers, but they also have a super-engaged audience.

How does this work?

Here the influencer could promote your product either in exchange for a free item, or for a fee per post.

FYI – They are completely in control of how they decide to show your product, write the description etc – so do your homework!

Examples might be: 

Artwork with a Interiors brand

Art Classes with a materials brand

Jewellery with a personality that has the same values as you…

Of course, you need to partner with the right brand for you; ideally, stay in your niche and have a clear goal in mind

3. User generated content


This is content created by your customers or fans and can be either photos, videos, reviews or testimonials.

Now more than ever it’s important to use a mix in your marketing and UGC can really help with your art brand recognition and engagement.

Think about ‘unboxing’ videos on Tik Tok.

Simply ask and you’ll be surprised how people will love to do this for you!


4. Live video


Well we all know it, video is where it’s at on most platforms.

So how can you benefit?

Going live to talk about your artwork, give demonstrations, share processes or materials, upcoming events or promotions etc is easy for your customers to engage with.

No editing, uploading etc etc – make some notes on what you’re talking about, set up your shot and GO LIVE.


5. Short-form videos


Obviously, with Tik Tok, Reels, FB reels, YT Shorts etc short-form video is another option to capture your audience on the go.

Quick for them to watch and engaging enough for them to want to watch more hopefully…

Choose your platform (based on your audience of course), plan out your little video, shoot it in parts and then edit before posting out.


6. Interactive content


As an internet user, you’ve likely come across one of these before and maybe taken part too.

I’m talking quizzes, assessments, calculators, games etc.

If you want to increase your audience engagement or grow that mailing list full of new leads – there’s nothing like a simple quiz to get your audience started.


Think about:

Where are you on your journey to competent artist?

Or: What type of wall art suits you? Take the quiz to find out…


7. Improved customer experience


Last but not least, let’s focus on customer experience.

Think through each step your customer takes when they first come in contact with you; is this smooth, simple, and engaging?

OR confusing, long-winded, and with that broken link you’ve been meaning to fix for ages…

Think about how your customers experience your business when they use either a computer, phone or ipad…

Does this all work smoothly?

Think from that first post, the email capture, your follow-up emails…

Or your website to an enquiry, or a purchase – does it all work well, look branded and a pleasure to use?

If not, make notes and fix it all up – I promise you this alone can convert more visitors into potential and the buying customers!




Well there you have it – 7 marketing strategies you can use to grow your art business this year.

As I mentioned, if you are at the beginner stage, then I have the perfect solution with my Art marketing 101 workshop – get all the details below this video.

As usual, if you’ve loved the content, please do consider subscribing to my channel too.


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