In order to live a really fulfilling, fun-filled and amazing life, I truly believe we need to enhance the power of creativity. Allowing creativity in everyday life will enhance your ability to grow (after all the root word of creativity is ‘grow). Grow as a human being; grow in every aspect of your life.

I’m sure at this point a lot of you will sigh…ah but “I’m not at all creative”…”what about me”?

This is not about being a ‘Grade A Art Student’, or needing any artistic talent at all. It’s all about your ability to really let go mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

We are often so trapped in our day-to-day routines that we can’t see beyond the next day, the next task, the next deadline.

Take the time to step back, breathe, expand and explore. Creativity in everyday life is about so much more than ‘being creative’. It’s about learning to let go and have fun.

Here are the 3 main the benefits of allowing your creativity in everyday life:

1. You learn to really relax and let go of any worries or thoughts you don’t need. Things that you previously thought were important become less so.
2. You start to think outside of the box and often come up with ideas you wouldn’t have thought of before. This enables you to design, create and then life the life of your dreams.
3. You can have more fun. Sometimes I think as adults, we’ve lost our childlike quality and ability to have fun.

When was the last time you ran out in the rain and jumped in the puddles? Or climbed up a tree for a better view? Or laughed hysterically for the sake of laughing? We’ve all become far too serious haven’t we?

6 Tips To Allowing Your Creativity In Everyday Life | Sophie Mahir

Here Are My Top 6 Tips To Allow Your Creativity In Everyday Life To Flow:

1. Power walking in nature.

I started doing this some years ago when I was running my coaching business, and at the point of taking on my first PA, as I was so busy. My head was always full of ‘tasks that needed doing’. (Although I wrote everything down). Walking up over the hills, in all weather, helped me to unwind, feel free, feel the wind in my hair, (yes god love the British weather) and re-think through my next business strategies.

I was amazed at just how creative my thinking could be away from the house. So much that I became addicted to walking and still do it to this day.

2. Let go in the kitchen and have fun.

Creativity in every day life definitely extends to playing in the kitchen. That’s however you want to interpret the word ‘play’ in the kitchen too! For this article I’ll suggest making food from scratch, as not everyone still does this.

Put away your ‘ping’ meal, open the fridge and take out 7 items of cookable food. Next put the timer on for 5 minutes as you work out how you can make them into an edible meal. (This is all based on that TV program ‘Ready, Steady, Cook’). Your creativity should be on fire!

If you don’t have any food, then get yourself to a shop and run around grabbing 7 items at random. That’s the fun part of course. Now don’t forget the music, turned up load, to go along with it.

Or maybe like me you are a Raw Vegan, or other healthy lifestyle choice, and you already spend hours in the kitchen. I love to experiment all the time, as I see this as my precious hours, either alone or sharing the chopping and prepping with my partner.

3. Making something out of household items.

Here’s a weekend project that will take a lot of you out of your comfort zone. If you have kids, then do this with them. If not, pretend like you do…☺

Grab some glue, paper, scissors, knife, and any ‘found objects’, such as bottles, jars, coloured paper, cardboard, shells, stone, string, paints, driftwood, beads, wire, pens, dried objects, wood, etc.…you get the idea.

Now sit yourself somewhere uninterrupted, and without judgement, start to play by putting these items together somehow. Maybe you can make a ‘hanging’, or ‘jewellery’, or ‘collage’ by just decorating or sticking items down onto cardboard. The most important part is to do this without critical thinking and of course to have fun.

4. Open drawing on large paper.

OK so I said you didn’t have to have any artistic skill, I didn’t say we wouldn’t be using drawing as a way to spark your creativity in everyday life.

If you happen to have an A1 sheet of paper, roll or wallpaper or such, then go ahead and make a working space. (Or run to your cheap store and grab something). This really doesn’t work with small paper, as it needs to ideally be the size or your arm-span.

Next, using anything that will make a mark on the paper, get scribbling and mark-making. This is such a ‘freeing’ process, that I highly recommend doing it as often as you can. You mind even find you like what you are drawing… Use charcoal, pens, pencils, or marker pen.

5. Muck about with cheap paints on a large area.

Now you are a pro at all this creativity in everyday life, why not take things up a notch? Yes, it’s time to play with colour.

Using colours instead of black and white gives another layer to your creativity. Again, try using as large an area as you can with a set of paints including all your rainbow colours (red, orange, yellow, green, light and dark blue, violet and maybe white).

Start with applying a light colour, maybe yellow, and spread it over a large area. Then add in the orange and red. In the spaces add in some green, blues and violets. Keeping the colours clean, rather than muddying them up, will leave you feeling good and positive about the experience.

I would recommend buying a painting pad and leaving your colours easily accessible so you can play with paints often.

6. Get photographing and play with the editing.

This has become another favourite way to unwind and get creative. Of course living the Digital Nomad lifestyle it’s vital to be tracking everywhere you go. But there is not reason why you can’t head out for an hour or two and simply ‘record’ what you see.

Then come back home and either use the editing app on your phone, or uploading and using something like Picmonkey or Photoshop edit on your laptop. I like to crop, alter the colours and tone, and even use filters for more effects.

Warning this can become highly addictive and you’ll need to store all your pictures off your computer, as the file-sizes really add up.

There you have it, absolutely no reason why you can’t start to enjoy creativity in everyday life starting today. Remember there are many more ways to design, create and live your dream life – see my previous blog: ‘5 Simple Steps Towards Creating The Life Of Your Dreams’, for more inspiration on that too.

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