Let’s talk about some Facebook marketing basics, as this is vital to grasp when looking to market your art or creative business effectively.

Love it or hate it this is where so many people are spending hours of their time, so understanding some Facebook marketing basics is essential. Reading, sharing, liking, posting, commenting, or just what I call ‘stalking’. (That’s when your friends verbally tell you they like what you posted on Facebook, but don’t leave any comment on your page or post).

Are you a massive Facebook fan or not? Do you love it or hate it? Do you have an attractive Profile and Business Page set up? Are you actively using Facebook for your Art Business?

My guess is…not many of you are.

As I mentioned in my blog ‘Get Started On Social Media As An Artist’ your audience are likely to be there, so having a good looking an active Profile and Business Page is really important.

You have a lot of flexibility on Facebook.

Here Are Your 6 Great Facebook Marketing Basics:

One: Facebook Profile:

The first thing you will need to do is sign up and create your personal profile. This is where you can post more about your life journey, where you are and what you are doing on a day-by-day basis. Here you find and connect to ‘friends’.

To create a great-looking profile you want to make use of the timeline image, add a head-shot photo of yourself, fully fill out the ‘about’ section, choose one sentence to sum up who you are, select five feature photos, and of course link your Business Pages (once you have 100 likes) under the ‘work’ section.

Then aim to post something aspirational or topical on your profile every day, and actively find and add new friends. You can have up to 5,000 Facebook Friends.

Two: Facebook Pages.

Then you want to create a Page for your business (go to your settings tab up in the top right corner of your profile). You have 6 choices, so choose the one that best suits your needs, and then choose again from the simple drop-down menu. It sounds complicated but is super simple when you are there.

Next you’ll want to go through the same procedure as your profile; adding a branded timeline image, your professional headshot, and fully filling out all the ‘about’ sections.

Here you can also use the ‘call to action’ tab and link to your website, a specific landing page or anywhere you want your audience to go. For example having some text on your timeline image telling people what’s on (advertising your next exhibition for example), and directing them to the link where they can find out more, is a great solution.

Then you want to post every day if possible; trying to aim for image posts or videos as these get more engagement.

Invite your Facebook Friends to like your Business Page, and consider setting up some Ads to grow your audience. (You must get full training on doing this though, as it’s not for beginners).

Three: Facebook Events.

I’m a big fan of the Event App (often hidden on your page tabs, or even on your Page Settings), as you can use this every time you have an actual event in your business to let people know about. But you can also use it to launch your new collection, to have a limited time Sale and many other things.

Click ‘create a new event’ under Events, and fill out all the details. It’s really important here to also make an image that sums up what you are offering. This should be: 714 x 264 pixels in order to look good.

Four: Facebook Groups.

Facebook Groups are a brilliant way to either establish yourself as an authority or brand, to meet and network with other artists and creators, or market your business.

You have a couple of simple options: join a few Groups and actively participate by offering helpful advice and supportive comments. Or set up your own group (preferable) and use this to grow a large following. This does take MUCH more work, but can be an extremely good way of building your fan base.

Think about what topics you could post about, support others with, (maybe you teach something?) or are a fan of. Then set up a Group around that.

Groups can either be Secret, Closed or Public – so you can alter your settings according to what content you are happy being viewed.

Five: Facebook Ads.

Facebook Ads are a great way to promote your Business Page, or send people direct to another Landing Page (possibly where they can opt in with their name and email address in exchange for some free information you offer). You can start with a relatively small budget and increase this as you get results.

I recommend learning how to use The Power Editor, setting aside some time to read through all the Terms & Conditions as Facebook has some very tight rules which you will need to adhere to.

After that you can set up a series of Ads and see how they perform. Facebook Ads are all PPC (pay per click or selected action), so should always be able to monitor exactly what is going on, and make any alterations as you go.

Six: Facebook Messenger.

Last but not least is Facebook’s private message system called Messenger. This sits either within your Facebook profile, or as a separate App on your smart phone. I love this because you can make both audio and video calls for free (so long as you have a wifi or a good internet connection).

It’s a very quick way to connect with people you’ve just added as Facebook Friends as well. You can also set up group messages, or send out links to events. It’s super easy to use and makes it easy to stay in touch.

So that’s a little bit about a very large topic of the Facebook marketing basics you’ll want to get in place to have the very best experience. My tip: learn to love it and you’ll get better results.