Most artists and creatives avoid using Social Media, seeing it as a big time suck, and an overwhelming amount of action. Often simply missing the point that this should be your core marketing strategy, will bring you fans and followers, and ultimately of course paying customers. You are building a professional Art Business aren’t you?

Then know that your future buyers, collectors, galleries, agents, and many more are ALL out there already on Social Media. (As well as a growing number of your ‘competitors’).  So, it’s now up to you to learn how to make the very most of your chosen platform/s. Below are 50 of my Social Media Tips For Artists to get you inspired. Read through and highlight the ones you think would work for you, set aside some time to plan out what you will do, and then of course TAKE ACTION.

There is no priority order here, so just go ahead and get stuck in…

Here Are My Top 50 Social Media Tips For Artists To Use To Grow Your Art Business:

  1. Use your Timeline Images (Yes that’s on Facebook Pages, Facebook Profile, Google Plus, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn) to show off your latest work. Remember you can change them as often as you like. Just make sure you stick with your branding by adding your logo, fonts, and colours etc.
  2. Create thought-provoking image posts for your Facebook Page and post daily. Not forgetting to add a compelling description. Don’t be afraid to post your beliefs and what you stand for.
  3. Post your own story daily on your Facebook Profile, so people can see a bit about your real life.
  4. Join Facebook Groups for fellow artists and join in the conversation regularly. Think in terms of adding value, not simply posting your achievements. Ask questions, make friends – just like you would offline.
  5. Also join business networking or other Facebook Groups that are local to you, and make connections in there too.
  6. Tag all your posts across every platform, as the use of #hashtags group things together and makes you more searchable.
  7. Don’t forget LinkedIn. Optimise your Title with keywords and make sure your profile is up-to-date.
  8. Create high quality Google Plus image posts, and post there daily. Don’t forget to add a description and tags.
  9. Make sure to post your content across all platforms, but not on the same days or times. One post can be stretched out over a week or so.
  10. Join Google Plus Artist Communities (similar to Facebook Groups), and post, like and comment.
  11. Create a Google Plus Collection of art that inspires you for instance; or simply follow other Collections you like to get started.
  12. Boost your Facebook Post when you have a new piece of artwork for sale, a gallery opening or other similar.
  13. Consider going further with Facebook Ads, learn the Power Editor and grow a more targeted audience for your work. Also look at Twitter, Instagram or YouTube Ads, or Promoted Pins on Pinterest.
  14. Allocate your ‘down time’ to gather and schedule your all posts for the coming days – this is a massive time saver.
  15. Use Buffer to schedule your Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn and Pinterest posts. (If you are doing a lot of Social Media I would recommend going for the Pro account).
  16. Join Twitter Chats with fellow artists, or consider starting your own where prospective buyers and your followers can ask you all about your process.
  17. Create Twitter Lists, as these group people together, which makes it super easy to find the important accounts you follow. Have lists for Artists, Galleries, Online Resources etc. You can have as many as you like.
  18. Use Bitly to create ‘short links’ especially useful for Twitter. Create a free account and you can also track your links. (I track all my blog posts and can quickly see which ones are most popular).
  19. Create or edit all your Social Media posts with Canva, Picmonkey or Photoshop. It’s important that you form your branded look, as well as creating some high quality images.
  20. Create your Instagram posts in batches. I love doing this in the evenings, as it allows me to invest more time in getting interesting posts. I recommend making 20+ at one time. Another great Social Media Tip for time saving.
  21. Find photographic filters that would suit your brand and then stick to them. Or an editing stye that is branded.
  22. Photograph absolutely everything, as you have no idea what might make a great post later on.
  23. Make Infographics out of your sketch-book, your artistic development of a painting during the day/week/month. Or use to teach something.
  24. Make sure you use the correct picture sizes across all the platforms, as each one is different.
  25. Take ‘Selfies’ (even if you hate this idea) as people love to see where you are, who you are with and what you are up to.
  26. Learn to love all your Analytics, and look at these daily. Consider adding your numbers to a spreadsheet each week. Or learn to Outsource and have your Outsourcer do this for you.
  27. Post pictures of things that inspire you, as well as your paintings, sketches and so forth. Instagram and Pinterest are great for this, but Twitter followers love inspiring pictures too.
  28. Have someone take photos of you and use these as well. They work really well for engagement I have found. Be real and authentic here.
  29. Post 1 to 3 images on Instagram and make sure to have a description with up to 30 relevant #hashtags.
  30. Invest some time to finding at least 30 good #hashtags on Instagram. You can see from the Search Function how many posts are linked to any #hashtag. You want some with high number, medium and low. I also use my own #SophieMahirArt
  31. Search for people to follow on Instagram every day to initially grow your account.
  32. Set up a Business Pinterest account, as this will give you access to their analytics.
  33. Create themed Boards on Pinterest, with your paintings, sketches, inspiration, and any items that you use as part of your process. Remember to also have a few more personal boards, and one for your blogs, top tips, or anything you might teach etc.
  34. Pinterest is very SEO (search engine optimisation) friendly, so make sure to add a short description, and #hashtags to each Board and Pin.
  35. Pin daily 10 new Pins. These can be a mixture of your own as well as other people’s.
  36. Blog weekly and create a Pin friendly image which you can promote widely. (And others can pin from your site).
  37. Find 100 new Twitter followers a day to grow your following. About 40% will follow you back. Cull back as you go.
  38. Have a link to your latest Sales Page, Online Gallery or Free Giveaway in all your Social Media accounts. Think carefully where you want people to go first.
  39. Bring back to life older un-sold artworks by re-posting or re-pinning.
  40. Set up a YouTube channel and make some short videos either teaching what you do, sharing your process (like a diary), or showing a ‘behind the scenes’ look in your studio.
  41. For each video, add a full ‘keyworded’ title, description with links to where they can find out more about you. You should also Tag each video.
  42. Broadcast live on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Periscope from your phone, with similar content to YouTube. Create lots of engagement with your live followers. No editing or uploading required, which for me is another time saver.
  43. Sign in to Periscope also from your laptop and record your own Scope, to be used again at a later date if required.
  44. Create a post asking your followers either what you should paint next, or maybe how you should finish your current work. Get them involved.
  45. Start an Art Show on YouTube or a Live Show on Facebook, Twitter, or Periscope and watch your numbers sore.
  46. You can now also broadcast live on your Facebook Page with Facebook Live. So let your fans have a weekly up-date.
  47. Interview your favourite artists live via Google Plus Hangouts and invite people to join. (You can also do this on Periscope of course, but you’d need to physically be with them at this point).
  48. Set yourself up a 10/30/60/90-Day Challenge (or to push yourself do a 365 challenge) on one Social Media platform and post a daily up-date.
  49. At all times remember this is ‘Social’ Media, so don’t just post and leave – think in terms of building relationships, finding new friends, sharing other people’s work etc. So comment, share and like daily.
  50. Create a Social Media Posting Plan to save yourself going insane!! Then consider finding an Outsourcer to help you put in into action.

I have many more tips like these – so if you’d like to learn more, sign up for my weekly short email, (and get your FREE E-Book) where I keep artists up-to-date with all their marketing and Social Media.

The most important thing here with all these Top 50 Social Media Tips For Artists, is that trying to do all of it would be overwhelming and not a good use of your time. Focussing on one platform to start with and getting great at it is vital. You can probably see that the central focus is also CONSISTENCY – whatever you choose to do, do it daily and do it well. Then the followers will come, and your sales will follow. 🙂