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5 Simple Steps To Setting Effective Goals For 2020

With New Years behind us and the year in full swing, if you haven’t had the chance to start setting effective goals for 2020, don’t panic – Now is a great time to start!  


Are you on route to building your Dream Art Business, yet perhaps, you are unsure of the type of goals that will serve you best, or how to set a goal that will be meaningful, motivating and rewarding? 

Sometimes, despite your efforts, it can feel like you are continuously setting goals or resolutions, working harder, and yet, you are not seeing the results?

This is why I will break it down for you into 5 Simple Steps so that you can set effective goals for 2020 that will yield results.

So, what are Effective Goals?

I see it as the same answer that explains why most New Year resolutions will never pan out. It is all about being CLEAR

Here is a New Years resolution (one I made in 2016) for example: 

“I am going to quit Hospitality to make money from my creativity”

A year later, nothing had come of it…

After years of setting these resolutions and never achieving them, I decided to look into why and how I was not succeeding in completing them and I learnt that it is all to do with clarity and measurability from the get-go.  

Setting effective goals is all about clarity.

The problem with vague resolutions or goals like the one above is that they are too broad and have no clear, measurable elements that remind me how I am actually going to achieve it or when I will achieve it by. 

Without clear actionable steps and a time-limit, it is very easy – for me especially – to procrastinate, and therefore, inevitably my lovely goal will get sadly forgotten and never achieved.  

Setting effective goals can change a mediocre year into a highly profitable one. 

So, here are my: 

5 Simple Steps to Setting Effective Goals for 2020.

1.What do I want?

Rough out everything that you want to achieve this year. 

These can be sales targets, social following figures, getting your work into a new gallery or (the holy grail of business) achieving the work-life balance

2. Which ones motivate me?

Select and highlight the most significant targets.

Which ones inspire you and motivate you to achieve them? There is always time for adding to the list but start with the most important.

3. When do I need it completed by?

Put them into time order; ie – short, medium or long-term.

This allows you to organise and prioritise them into your quarterly plan. 

4. Why are they necessary?

Check against your Artist’s Business Plan so that you are clear on why you want it, is it relevant to your plan?

5. Who and how?

Write out 5 – 10 actions that get you that target

This is always the most important. What steps will be taken to achieve it? Will you be using a specific platform? Or daily build? Continued actions on each goal are VITAL.

Now you are ready to write out your goals for 2020 into short, clear sentences.

How to write them out as concisely as possible?


Many people favour writing out goal setting in different ways.

Using the SMART acronym for effective goal setting is a well-known classic and has (since I learnt about it) always worked for me.

The first mention of the SMART acronym was in the November 1981 issue of Management Review by George T. Doran.

Since then, it has been used in many different areas of goal setting, business, academia and personal everyday life. 

What is SMART?


The SMART acronym is essentially a checklist for you for when you are writing out your goal. 

Effective goals must be: 

S – Specific: Simple, Concise and Clear – The who, what and where.

M – Measurable: The Actions – How to get there/Track your progress?

A – Achievable: Attainable – Ambitious, yes, but is it realistic?

R – Relevant: Right Now – The why? Does this fit with your business plan?

T – Time-bound: Urgency – The when does this HAVE to be achieved by?)

This is an example of an effective goal when written out after using SMART: 

“Sell 20 tickets to my pottery workshop at $40 each, through Facebook Ads before Feb 1st 2020.” 

I have set out what I’m selling, how much for, how I am going to sell them and how I can track my sales and also by what date I need to have sold them by.  

This gives me a realistic framework to achieve the goal. 

Write out each goal checking against the SMART acronym until they are each short, concise and achievable goals to work with. 

Then – my personal favourite part – using all the creative, colourful display you like, put them up on the wall where you can see them so that you will be reminded and inspired constantly, leaving no room for procrastination! If you have created a vision board, then next to it is a great space to unite your inspiration and your goals.

Top Tip for Goals:

Telling someone else about your goals for 2020 and having an accountability partner is a really good way of keeping yourself on track – Celebrating with them when you have achieved the goal is also even more satisfying and gratifying, too.


So, there are your 5 simple steps to effective goal setting for 2020.

Using these the steps and the SMART acronym together are all the tools you need to make sure your year ahead is full of successful results. 

Get goal setting – and here’s to a proactive 2020 ahead – make sure this is your best year yet! 

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