As an artist or creative business, you probably haven’t seriously considered why you should market on Google+. The main consensus is that the Google+ platform is more or less dead and we shouldn’t waste our time.

But could you still market on Google+ and get good results? Let’s look…

Over the last couple of years we’ve seen it grow and try to emulate Facebook, offering similar features and options. Fail as the leadership changed hands and nothing positive happened, and now things are looking a bit different as Google is focused on making some great new distinctions.

Like so many other Social Media platforms, you first have to set up your Profile with a professional image, a timeline picture and some basic information about you. Linking your website or Free Giveaway and other Social Media profiles as well will help you get the best experience as you market on Google+.

Total Social Media beginner?

Find out about how to get started across all your Social Media platforms here.

As artists we are constantly looking for new and improved visual ways to show our art, grow a brand online and of course sell our work.

I think you should definitely consider Google+ now as one of those options.

Currently the stats show that the platform is largely used by professionals and more men than women. But that can all change as more creatives use this place to share more visual content.

Here Are My 5 Reasons For Artists To Market On Google+

One: Google+ Circles:

When you market on Google+ the first thing you will see is how you can group people together into ‘Circles’. This is basically a simple way of grouping people together. So, you might start with ‘Friends’, ‘Family’ and ‘Artists’. Then branch out into influencers you want to follow, galleries, potential customers, current customers etc. So get started by finding some people to follow, and engaging with those who follow you back.

You can of course put people in more than one circle too, which is super helpful.

You then have the option to view just the content posted by a specific circle, as well as posting content direct to just that group. For example if you have a circle for ‘Fans’, when you have a new piece of artwork, you can post out a message direct to that group only.

**Circles on Google+ are a powerful way of reaching a targeted audience**

Two: Google+ Communities:

Of course we are all familiar with Facebook or LinkedIn Groups, and these here on Google+ are very similar. When you click on the ‘Communities’ tab you have three options: Recommended, Member and Yours. So I would suggest having a look around for other artist and creative groups, or maybe local networking once too.

Once you’ve joined some, they will show up under ‘Member’. But you can of course always start you own. Just be aware you will need to give some time to monitoring it and engaging with your members.

**Starting a Google+ Community is a great way to meet like-minded artists & creatives**

Three: Google+ Collections:

Similar to a Pinterest Board, you can collect posts on a particular topic and create your own ‘Collection’, for people to view. For example when you post a new picture say, under your ‘Abstract Art’ collection, people who view that can also see all the older posts within that collection.

You can find these under the main ‘Home’ tab.

It’s also important to follow other people’s collections too, and you can display all of them (or not) on you main profile. Go ahead and have some real fun with this function, explore and find new people to follow.

Four: Google+ Hangouts:

One of the bigger changes Google made was separating the Hangouts App from your main Google+ page.

You can access this direct here:

These are live video chats and are a great way to make free calls, online meetings, Q & A’s or broadcast a full Webinar type training. If you teach what you do then this can be a really simple way of getting your message out there. Or of you want to interview other artists, or maybe broadcast from your studio and answer questions about what you do.

You can also record these and upload to YouTube.

Of course a lot of people are now favouring Periscope as a live video platform, but as yet this is only possible from your phone. Here you can use your laptop or computer.

Five: Google Local:

In the former version of Google+ we had Pages (like Facebook) and they were also found under the main tabs on the Home Page.

Now you set up your page here:

You have three options, which are pretty simple. Then you can set up a page that includes your physical location – brilliant if you have a studio or open house.

This is also really good for helping with boosting your search rankings, and making your art business easy to find.

Your fans or buyers can also leave reviews on this page, which helps provide social proof but also shows up to users that have those reviewers within their circles – very nice.

So there we have it, all about how to start marketing on Google+ as an artist. Your job now is to create highly engaging content (photos, blogs, videos etc.) and post on a regular basis. Don’t forget to also like, comment and share other people’s posts that you find helpful. Now as you know if you’ve read my other articles here, I advocate choosing just one platform to focus on, so if you choose to market on Google+ go all in and please let me know how you get on.

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