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3 Steps For Social Media Content Planning For Artists

One of the most frustrating things in your artist’s week can be this question: what on earth do I post on Social Media?!?

In this blog I’m going to show you a simple process that will not only give you 90 post ideas you can use, but a reason behind why you will choose them in the first place.

If you’d prefer to watch the video and hear the examples I give, you are welcome to do that as well.


3 Steps For Social Media Content Planning:


Step One:


Define who your audience is. Don’t forget to make sure they are on Social Media too…  (Check out my Target Market video)

Then ask: What are they looking for exactly?

  • Inspiration?
  • How do you do what you do?
  • Sneaky behind the scenes?
  • To solve a problem?
  • Ideas for presents/gifts?
  • Home decor shopping?
  • Special offers?


Step two:


Choose your main topics and start to break these down.
Think high level – you need to be able to break them down into posts.

  • Materials you use
  • Your process
  • Completed paintings
  • Themes
  • Colour palette
  • Travel inspiration
  • Home decor
  • Studio routine
  • Promos

Now break these down into as many options as possible… If you manage to get 10 for each, then you have 90 future post ideas… about every 4th day.


Step three:


Choose the post type & platform.

OK, so now you have a whole spreadsheet bursting full of ideas, now you can decide on how these will best work.


Simple Example: 

Your Target Audience is looking for Gift Ideas…

Your topic is: Completed work

Post ideas:

  • In situ images
  • Close-ups
  • Work-in-progress shots
  • Framed or no options
  • Free delivery on the original.
  • What rooms would this painting look good in?
  • Where and how to display original art
  • Prints available
  • Special Offer: 5 days – 20% off
  • Buy two prints and get the third free




So that’s one way of doing it… of course, I’m sure you can think up more too.

The most important part here is being strategic if you want SOLID FINANCIAL RESULTS!

Final thoughts: Want to know how to make these 90 posts go a lot further?

Look out for my next video…make sure you’re subscribed, so you don’t miss it.


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