How you start your day is going to determine your energy levels, your emotional responses and of course your results. For me there really is no other alternative than starting with a Raw Vegan Breakfast. Even if that’s all you do, and the rest of your day you eat other food. Give yourself the very best start you can.

All these recipes will do for ONE person, so please adapt as you need.

My 3 Favourite Raw Vegan Breakfast Recipes | Sophie Mahir

So Here Are My 3 Favourite Raw Vegan Breakfast Recipes:

Raw Vegan Breakfast Recipe One: Mega Protein Smoothie


• 1 ripe banana.
• 1 ripe mango or large chunk of pawpaw.
• 1 cup of blueberries.
• 0.75 litres of organic coconut milk.
• Extra filtered water is required.
• Heaped teaspoon of Maca Powder.
• Heaped teaspoon of Hemp Seeds.
• Heaped teaspoon of Flax Seeds.
• Half a cup of Chia Seeds.
• Half a cup of Cacao Nibs.

Place all the ingredients in your high-powered blender and blend up.

This is super simple to make, and I find it usually does me for breakfast and a top-up later on. Or make it slightly larger and it will easily fill two smoothie bottles; one to drink for breakfast and another for when you are on the go.

Raw Vegan Breakfast Recipe Two: Avocado & Broccoli Surprise

Main Ingredients:

• Half a large head of broccoli (preferably organic), cut roughly into chunks.
• Half or whole ripe avocado, cut into strips.
• Large tomatoes, cut into small chunks.
• Sprouted Alfalfa or other green sprouts.


• Olive oil.
• Lime juice.
• Pink Himalayan salt

I like this as my ‘second’ breakfast after a green juice (more recipes coming for Juices later on). As a Vegan Breakfast I like to partially steam the broccoli, but if you want to do it 100% Raw, then leave them as is. Arrange the main ingredients on a plate, and drizzle the olive oil over. I like to add a very healthy squeeze of fresh lime juice and season to taste. This is a better Raw Vegan Breakfast if you want to avoid the sugar that would be in the Mega Protein Smoothie.

Hot Tip: If you add in some Super Greens into your Juice, then you will be bouncing with energy all day too.

Raw Vegan Breakfast Recipe Three: Sunday Raw Breakfast

OK, so this is to wow your friends when they say “oh you must miss a fully cooked Sunday breakfast…” – I have to say the last time I ate a ‘traditional’ cooked breakfast, you know…with eggs, bacon, sausages, tomatoes, mushrooms and the like…I couldn’t move for hours. My body really struggled to digest it all and all I wanted to do was sleep.

Now I make this version and it’s so full of goodness, that firstly I mostly can’t finish my plate. Then I feel super energised for the rest of the day. Oh and I’m not putting on any unwanted calories or bad fats etc. OK so don’t get me started.

How can you assemble your fabulous Raw Vegan Breakfast?

Main Ingredients:

• 3 medium-sized ‘button’ mushrooms (or other as preferred), washed and sliced horizontally.
• Large plum tomatoes, sliced.
• Eggplant Bacon (see RECIPE here).
• Vegan soft cheese (recipe coming very soon).
• Spinach leaves.
• Half an avocado sliced thinly.
• Optional Tofu chunks.
• Sprouts to garnish.


• Half a cup of olive oil.
• Half a cup of lemon juice.
• Salt and pepper to taste.
• Sprinkle of dried chilli flakes (or fresh of you want to really spice it up).
• 1 teaspoon of a mustard of your choice.

OK so you will need to have made ahead your Eggplant Bacon, and soft Vegan Cheeze. I even had some marinated cooked Bio-Dynamic Tofu left over from the night before to add in.

Then you simply slice up your mushrooms and tomatoes, lay out a bed of spinach and arrange as per the picture. I like to stack with the vegan cheese spooned out on top of each mushroom/tomato.

Hot Tip: The cheat here is to also have the dressing already made up in a glass jar, ready to drizzle over.

So, if you are making this for awaiting guests, you can also wow them with how quick it is to ‘throw’ together.

Other Raw Vegan Breakfast Options:

Of course you will want to mix it up during the week, so here are a few other ideas that I’ll be exploring later on.

• Juices
• Smoothies
• Porridge
• Puddings
• Muesli
• Fruit Salad
• Raw Greens
• Soups

I’m excited to have shared some of my favourite Raw Vegan Breakfast Recipes with you today, and will be diving a bit deeper into some of the others later on. If you are just starting out I would recommend the Mega Protein Smoothie, as there are endless options you can experiment with. Just remember you must add in those extras to give you your energy and vital nutrients.

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