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3 Easy Online Ways To Grow Your Artist’s Email List

One of the biggest challenges as an artist is of course finding ways to GROW your artist’s mailing list.

You’ve taken the time to get it all up and running, but now time has passed and you’ve not added anyone to your list, so, it can be easy to forget and feel a bit despondent.
And this is the time to step into action and grow your list.

Now, if you’re reading this and you haven’t got yours fully set up yet, check out this blog first: Start & Grow Your Artist’s Mailing List.

Plus, check out my FREE RESOURCE: 10-Day Artists Mailing List Challenge! Sign up to the Mailing List Challenge here.


In this blog I’m diving a bit deeper with 3 easy online ways to grow your artist’s mailing list…

FYI these strategies work really well if you are already creating content on a regular basis for your art marketing.


So, here are my 2 easy online ways to grow your Artist’s Mailing List:


1. Blogging

Here’s what you can do.
Plan out your blog topics with your audience’s main pain points in mind. Then if possible, create a simple PDF Freebie to go for some of them. Following this…

  • Set up opt-in sequences to direct people to the Freebie.
  • Talk about your Freebies in your blog.
  • Have a big bold link, image, text box, etc in the blog for people to click.
  • Blog every week, so you build up consistency with your marketing.


2. YouTube

A very similar strategy to the blogging one, except that you have the possibility to connect via video and introduce a Freebie whilst you are talking.

Here you can create a whole list of resources, freebies, etc that are permanently listed out below each video that you make.

  • Consider having a Playlist of these videos at the top of your channel.
  • Make the link to your main Freebie in the YouTube channel art, so people can easily see this.
  • Add links as YouTube cards in your videos.
  • Publish a video each week, again for art marketing consistency.


3. Pinterest

Here’s what you can do:

  • Create a series of static pins around your Freebie, using something like Canva; it’s quick and easy to do.
  • Create Idea Pins (like reels/shorts) and link to your freebie.
  • Make the main link in your bio to your Freebie.
  • Create a Free Resources board.
  • Aim to post a fresh pin every day at the very least.


Bonus strategy to grow your artist’s email list: 

Ads as a paid-for strategy of course…

I would recommend only doing this once you have a system that works organically.

Then you can ramp things up with some Ads. Otherwise, you’ll end up spending a lot on ads that might not perform.



To grow your artist’s email list online you’ll do really well if you choose one of these 3 easy ways, and it all comes down to your consistent routine of course and being aware of the goal you are working towards.

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