Do you run or want to run some Workshops, Classes or Events around your own Creativity or Art talents? This is such a great idea by the way. But now you are wondering exactly how do you fill your free creative workshops in the first place?

Well in my previous blog, ‘How To Get Your Art Workshops Fully Booked’, I walked you through how everything depends on the very first step – your Free Workshop. From there it’s simply a case of following my Ultimate Workshop Success Model, marketing your art workshops to fully booked. Then creating, if you want to, a full-time income from this.

Not to put too fine a point on it – your first hurdle will of course be to market that free event. So, with this particular bit in mind, here are 12 marketing strategies to fill your free creative workshops. Why not print this off and start your planning?

If you are just starting out I expect you’d like some ideas of free art marketing strategies you can use? Well yes some of these are, however they will ALL take up your time. Sometimes putting aside a budget can really accelerate things and leave you free to do more exciting things, like creating!

12 Marketing Strategies To Fill Your Free Creative Workshops

Here Are Your 12 Marketing Strategies To Fill Your Free Creative Workshops:

1: Use a platform with its’ own mailing out system like Meetup – I love Meetup because you can grow an audience of members, who you can then send out information emails to. (Please note this is not the same as having them on your Mailing List, but it’s a start).

2: Send out regular emails (via your Email Marketing Provider) building up towards the actual day – Using a platform like MailChimp, GetResponse or others, you can grow your own Mailing List of people interested in your workshops. Have a sign-up form on your website, to make it easy for them to join.

3: Run a series of Facebook Ads – Facebook is making it easier to set up and run your own Ads; so carve out some time and look at their information and start with something simple. I will be creating some more up-to-date blogs on Facebook Ads soon.

4: Create Video Ads via Facebook – Using a video on your Facebook Ad is even better. This should be short and sweet, but as we know people engage more in videos and they can get more of an idea of what you will be offering on the day.

5: Run some Instagram Ads – Create your post and then hit the ‘promote’ button where you will be guided through some simple settings. You will need a Facebook Page and an Ads account to run these, but that’s super simple to do. Check out Facebook Business help to get all the details.

6: Use Instagram Stories to tell the preparation journey towards your workshop – This is a great way to keep in front of your target market, as your Story will show up right at the top of the home-feed. Do one daily so people can follow your progress.

7: Do live videos on your Facebook Page – This hands down will build your following, demonstrate your expertise and whet peoples’ appetite. Do it regularly and then consider pushing this out with an Ad. I get so excited about this as there are so many great marketing strategies available now for us to use.

8: Use a scheduling tool like Buffer to send out regular tweets to your Twitter account – OK so you might not yet be using Twitter, but if you are it’s a great way to reach both local, national and global audiences. See my post all about marketing on Twitter.

9: Create a series of videos to post out to your YouTube channel – You can tell I love vide, and that’s because it’s quick to do, instantly up on the web, and you can really engage with your would-be audience.

10: Create a Facebook Event off your page and invite all relevant people – I hope this is a given. Take the time to create a branded Facebook Event, with a ‘does what it says on the tin’ title, dates, time, information, booking link and of course branded image. Then invite and keep posting in it.

11: Introduce and post your Facebook Event out to Groups that have the relevant people in – The most important part here is posting to the right groups, one with your target audience in. So make sure you are joining the right groups in the first place.

12: Consider setting up and running your own Facebook Group around your topics and promote this first – This might sound like a huge time-suck, but if you really want to make a living from your Art or Creative Workshops, then I would suggest this becomes your new strategy. Look up for the up-coming blog on how to do this best.

Please note, you will need to choose at least 5 of these options, (the best ones for your target market), take the time to plan out your campaign over a few weeks, diarise or delegate the tasks. Then of course you will need to take CONSISTENT ACTION if you want to fill your free creative workshops.

*If you are in Perth, WA, I am running a One-Day Workshop on Wed 30th May called: ‘Fill Your Art Workshops & Classes’ where I take you personally through all of this and more. Click here to get all the details…