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Hi I’m Sophie – Here at the Artists Marketing Academy, I teach all Artists & Creatives how to set up, market & grow a successful, profitable Art Business. Using Free Tips, Online Training & Offline Workshops. Covering Social Media, Marketing, Business Planning, Websites and much more…

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Once again I have been blown away by the knowledge & information shared by Sophie. Bit by bit it is all starting to make sense.

Rose Elsner

Abstract Energy Artist,

After Sophie’s workshop I picked up more practical gems to get me on track straight away. In just 2.5 days my Instagram followers had increased over 5 times! All I did was implement a few Social Media Marketing tips I learnt from Sophie.

Kalita Donaldson

Fine Liner Artist,

Sophie is a fantastic coach. She’s genuine, up-beat and knows her stuff. I found the 3 hour Introduction To Marketing talk really informative and motivating. I look forward to learning more; and it’s great to learn from someone who has been where we are and is now living her dream. Thank you so much for your help.

Dianne Digby

DD Healing Arts,

Artists Marketing Plan To Sell More Work

Unfortunately the words Artists Marketing Plan just don’t roll off the tongue of most artists and creatives that I know. It’s usually the subject that get buried deep in the bowels of ‘must do that one day’… However, by following this strategies you are losing out on...

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