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Professional Artist

Build Your Dream Art Business

Perhaps you might be thinking that the phrase ‘build your dream art business’ is a million miles from where you are right now. And it’s only for ‘some people’ who can have that. I have a belief that anyone can achieve anything if they put their mind to it and take constant action…

build your dream art business
living a balanced lifestyle

Personal Development

Live A Balanced Lifestyle

Dream of working from that large, ‘Instagramable’ studio space, fitting in a yoga class at lunchtime, eating fresh amazing food after your morning power walk, spending the weekend away with your partner, friends, kids; taking quality time out for yourself, reading some self-improvement books etc…


Develop Your Art And Creativity

As artists, it is vital that we keep our creative juices well and truly flowing so that we can keep producing high-quality original work. In this article, I’m going to dive deep into exactly how to Develop Your Creativity, in order to avoid the hamster-wheel effect…

develop your art and creativity

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Passionate about creating a holistic life ‘on purpose’. Choosing when and where to work, create and play; and being free to build an art business without conforming to others’ beliefs or expectations.
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