One-Day Workshop: ‘Social Media Success For All Artists’

  • Passionate about building a profitable art business doing what you love?

  • No idea how to grow a large number of engaged followers on Social Media?

  • Just don’t understand how it all works or where to start?

Discover the secret to successfully marketing your art business on Social Media the easy way.

Stop wasting hours of your time distracted on Facebook, pinning the wrong content on Pinterest or posting images on Instagram that nobody is interested in…

Instead discover:

  • How To Choose The Right Platform For You.
  • How To Put Together A Simple Content Plan.
  • How To Build A 30-Minute Daily Practice.
  • How To Grow Your Customer List & Make Money.
  • How To Get Great With Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Pinterest.
  • How To Easily Use Your Analytics.
  • Tools, Tips & Resources.

In this fun one-day workshop, I will walk you through everything you need to use for successfully marketing your art on Social Media.

I’ll share exactly what you MUST do, and exactly what you DON’T NEED to do…

**Although this is based for beginners, ideally you would first have attended my free Mini-Workshop: ‘Introduction To Social Media For All Artists’. As I will be referencing things from that session.

It would help if you could attend with your laptop, Ipad or phone, but it isn’t essential!