I have recently started up a Meet-up Group here in Perth, Australia, called: Perth Arts | Business Development For All Artists.

This group is for all semi-professional and professional artists and creative businesses. Or those with the intention to become more business-like, even transition from a hobby to professional artist.

My best main aim for this group is to provide a supportive, inspiring, motiving and educating experience for everyone.

This is what you can expect from Perth Arts Meet-up Group:

  • Monthly Networking Meetings.

  • Themed Talks.

  • Workshops.

  • Social Gatherings.

Here’s a bit about Perth Arts core monthly Meetings:

Each month I will share 30-45 mins of a business training topic, after which we’ll discuss and share ideas. Then we’ll have a space for promoting any events, exhibitions, or offers you have. Get to know everyone in the room by sharing what you do, your business, successes and failures (yes these are a great learning for all).

The emphasis here is on meeting new like-minded people each month. Then building more lasting effective relationships, where you can support each other and possibly even start doing some joint projects, or working together in other ways.

Come ready to share a bit about where you are at on your art business journey, as well as having an open heart and mind to new ideas. My vision is to build a strong group of artists across the area, and help myself with all that business and marketing stuff.

These will be held on the second Saturday of the month in the morning. Currently 10am till 12.00pm at The Little Shop Of Plenty in Maylands.

I’ve tried to keep the venue central, and easy to access/park, so that we can all come in from our different areas.

So, exactly why should YOU turn up?

  • Be inspired and motived to keep following your dream.
  • Build confidence and self-belief to step up and out.
  • Learn new ways to market and sell your products and services.
  • Have your art business related questions answered.
  • Meet other like-minded artists or creative businesses.
  • Build stronger relationships, which could lead to joint projects.
  • Get feedback on a project you are working on.
  • Get out of your working space and have some fun.

Please also think about anyone you know who might like to come along. There is a nominal $5 at this stage to cover the room hire.

I’d love this to be one of the highlights of your month – so let’s make it that way!

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