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Business Freedom Academy

Business Freedom Academy | Sophie Mahir

What is the Business Freedom Academy?

The Business Freedom Academy is an online coaching & training platform for Business Start-ups, New and Small Businesses. It is primarily aimed at coaches, therapists and heath and well-being practitioners – or anyone in the service based industry.

The Academy is based on a simple membership system, with a variety of tiers (Silver, Gold, Diamond) suitable for every budget and every stage of your business development.

Jump over to our brand new website: www.businessfreedomacademy.com to find out more

Our Mission

To actively support each individual in the achievement of their goal of setting up and running a successful, profitable dream business; and creating their ideal life-style around this.

Most people I work with are really good at ‘what they do’, but lack the day-to-day business knowledge they need to build a business, not a hobby.

At the Business Freedom Academy I not only coach and mentor each individual, but also teach all the basic business skills you will need to successfully create that ideal business.

Our Values

Freedom - having the choice to do what you want, when you want, and with whom you want is at the very core of the BFA and one of the main reasons for starting it up.

Creativity - being able to cultivate both sides of your brain can be the most empowering and enjoyable way to work on the development of your business.

Growth - being open to both personal and business growth, via education, education and education is vital for your success and something that is valued very highly.

Integrity – there are a lot of people out there offering coaching, help and support; here at the BFA it’s very important to the team to deliver exactly what they say and to work at a very high customer support level throughout the entire journey and to stay open and honest at ever stage.

Fun - well life is for living and it you are not having fun whilst building your business then why are you doing it?