Artist Marketing Workshops

I have put together a few key Artist Marketing Workshops because as a professional Fine Artist myself I am only too aware how challenging it can be to wear various ‘hat’s. When all you really want to do is paint, draw, write, create, dance, photograph, make your product or develop your services. I love nothing more than locking myself away in a studio space (had to be more creative as I’ve been travelling…) and focusing for as long as it takes, without other distractions.

Let’s get really clear though. If you want to make a success of selling your art, or build any type of art business and make a living doing what you love, you will have to wear all the ‘business’ hats involved to start with. As you grow things though, there is light at the end of the tunnel, and you can ‘Outsource’ a lot of those admin tasks.

Below are some of my more popular One-Day Artist Marketing Workshops that are currently in the diary to run in Perth, Australia. Please email me here if you’d like me to run these for your community in another part of Australia, or another country all together!. For example I am often home in the UK, so please do contact me if you’d like me to run something there.

Ultimate Marketing For All Artists:

Wed 31st January 2018 – 9.30am till 3.30pm in Midvale, Perth – Special Offer $97 including lunch.

On this exciting day discover exactly what you need to do to market yourself as an art business. You will learn how to work out who your ideal target market are; how to reach them quickly and effectively, and what marketing strategies will be best for your business. I’ll be sharing my secret winning 2-part formula which means you can successfully build your audience, as well make the sales you need for a profitable art business.

This workshop is suitable for total beginners, as well as those with some marketing knowledge. You will leave the day with an artists’ marketing plan and workbook that you can start using straight away.


Online Marketing For All Artists:

Thurs 15th February 2018 – 9.30am till 3.30pm, Midvale – Special Offer $97 – including lunch.

On this day you will discover how to grow your brand, attract your perfect customers, and then sell your art products and/or services – by just using online marketing (and sales) techniques.

I will guide you step-by-step through a simple ‘sales sequence’ that will enable you to grow a healthy Mailing List of potential customers. Together we will have fun compiling actions for people to take right from when they first find out you, right up to when some of them will become raving fans and loyal repeat customers.

This workshop is ideal for those who have some marketing experience as well as reasonable computer skills. (Or the patience to learn!). I you’re not sure if this workshop is right for you please email me first.